Academic Committee

Academic Committee



  1. To build up serious learning and teaching culture and atmosphere, and enhance students’ interests and capabilities in learning.
  2. To co-ordinate the development of languages and library reading programs to promote reading in school.
  3. To develop school-based curriculum and effective learning and teaching strategies.
  4. To promote different teaching methods and strategies with the trend in education.
  5. To develop systematic operational procedures.


Members and Structure (2017-18)

Chief AC mistress: Vice Principal Miss Lau Pik Shan

S1 AC Master: Mr Kwan Siu Ming

S2 AC Mistress: Miss Cheung Wai Fong

S3 AC Mistress: Miss Fung Heung Wai


Major Concerns (2017-18)

  1. Raising students’ self- regulated learning abilities
  2. Raising students’ academic performance and sense of achievement


Program Plan (2017-18)



Implementation plan


1. Encouraging the professional development of teachers and raising the effiency of teaching and learning

1.1 Developing e-learning support team

  • iBook

- Subjects should select a curriculum of one form to design thematic based iBooks

All subjects

  • Flipped Classroom

- carrying out action research

- trying out ‘Flipped Classroom” in lesson


  • Developing various teaching pedagogies

- ‘Self- Regulated Learning’:

(1) 6 Thinking Hats

(2) School-based Thinking Skills Course material

All subjects




ACT Task Force

2. Developing STEM education


  • Adding 3D design in CL and D&T curriculum
  • Developing programming in CL curriculum
  • Adding robot program in D&T curriculum
  • Introducing school-based robot program in bridging course

CL, D&T, Science Department

3. Creating an English learning environment and raising students’ English standard

3.1 Preparing for whole school EMI

  • MOI Task Force cooperates with departments to modify the content of the curriculum, subject documents and teaching materials that will be in full English
  • Arranging trial EMI teaching lessons and other teachers of the same subject should observe the lesson at least once


MOI Task Force

English, Music, PE, D&T, HE and VA Department


3.2 Improving the quality of teaching in English

  • All teachers fulfilling the English proficiency level
  • Conduct the PIE of MOI
  • All EMI subjects cooperate with MOI task force to carry out LAC reading activities

Coordination with EMI subjects and MOI task force



4. Strengthening the communication between teaching staff in two schools

Sharing of teaching pedagogy in some subjects

  • Mutual lesson planning / Micro-teaching / Cooperative learning
  • Inspection of books and assessment papers
  • Setting and marking of assessment papers
  • Discussing teaching strategies,setting common lesson observation focus
  • Subject Department should assign at lease 1 panel members to attend every subject meetings to exchange information.
  • Coordinating with the revised curriculum of EDB, curriculum has to be evaluated between TNK & SFC in order to match with the senior curriculum

Chinese, English and Science Department







All Subjects

5. Raising students’ academic performance

  • Coordinate the Question Words Bank of each subject
  • Make use of Question Words Bank to raise Ss’ learning effectiveness

Learning & Teaching Enhancing Group

6. Raising students’ sense of achievement

Gifted Education: Coordinating Academic School Teams

  • Develop ‘Star Program’ to offer more systematic support to gifted / high-ability students in our school
  • Design curriculum to provide systematic training and exercise (About 15 hours training a year)
  • Participate in interschool / open competitions
  • Talent Pool to be submitted to SFC

Gifted Education Team

Coordination with all academic subjects

7. Equipping students with high-order thinking and critical thinking skills

School-based thinking skills curriculum

  • Developing school-based curriculum
  • Revising Thinking Skills Table
  • KLA coordinator evaluate the internal assignments in order to math with the Thinking Skills Table
  • Taught by teachers and conducted in assemblies
  • Lessons observed by ACT Task Force
  • Providing Questioning Skills to subjects as reference





Learning & Teaching Enhancing Group

8. Nurturing students to have a good learning attitude and habit

Homework strategies

  • Online homework record: Homework page for each class on the school website. Teachers should upload the homework list on to the school website
  • Arrange homework collection in the class teacher time
  • Provide guidelines of homework collection to Ts and Ss, Homework should be submitted by 8:05 a.m. everyday
  • Optimize the homework collection procedure
  • Follow-up of late / submission of homework: Class teacher / Form AC panel / Chief AC panel follow up serious cases of late / submission of homework
  • Reward Ss who submit homework on time everyday
  • Design homework incentive scheme