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12014-03-26Second Term Uniform Test
22014-03-06Seminars for Parents and Students on Promoting to SFC under the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum for the S3 Students
32014-02-12Seminars for Parents and Students on Promoting to SFC
42014-01-09Staff Development Day Arrangements
52013-12-13First term examination coverage

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12014-04-24Form 2 Community Service
22014-04-24Invitation of contribution to the PTA Newsletter
32014-04-23Life-Wide Learning Day
42014-04-22A Genuine Discussion Between Parents and the Principal
52014-04-22Seminar for Parents and Students on Promotion to SFC and related Procedures for the S3 Students

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12014-03-28Lai Chi Kok Lingnan Garden Chinese Activity
22014-03-25Seminar 3_S3 Education Pathway other than SFC
32014-03-22Tai-O Cultural and Ecological Field Trip
42014-03-21Sports Day
52014-03-15Its My Business Workshop

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