Plan and organization


  1. To develop the students’ reading habit
    1. Book Coupon Design Competition
    2. Good Book Recommendation Election
    3. Technical Book Recommendation
  2. To build up our school as a well-quipped information centre to support the subject teaching
    1. Purchase the right for the use of “Wisers” Internet news
  3. To improve the students’ academic results
    1. Design the content of books for each subject

Routine Work

  1. Promote the reading culture
    1. Promote the Reading Scheme “Joy of Reading”
    2. Assign students to give book recommendations during the morning assembly
    3. Purchase books which are suitable for our students in order to have more students visiting the library and develop a reading atmosphere
    4. Join external reading activities
    5. Organize a joint-school reading scheme with Vicwood
    6. Promote monthly theme reading
    7. Organize book fairs
    8. Organize reading talks
  2. Support the subject curriculum and teaching
  3. Provide information about the Assessment and Diploma of Secondary Examination (DSE)


Developing students’ reading habit

In order to help students obtain more knowledge and skills, and broaden their horizons, the following schemes is carried out in order to enhance the students’ reading interest by sharing what they have read and learnt from books in varies ways.

Reading programs and activities are promoted, such as “The Joy of Reading" program, the reading activity with Po Leung Kuk Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College, a 35-minute reading session every day (including newspaper reading session, reading activity session and Liberal Studies session), the Good Book Recommendation by teachers and students, monthly reading promotion, the Book Exhibitions and Reading Talks.

Reading Schemes


Joy of Reading Scheme

The Joy of Reading Scheme aims to encourage students to develop a practice of a substantial reading habit. Students will be awarded a reading merit by completing a book report, selecting and writing down memorable quotes, designing a book cover, drawing the characters of the story or finishing a parent-child reading report. Students can get the awards both during and after the completion of the reading scheme. Parents involvement is always welcomed and encouraged.

Subject-based Reading Scheme

We integrate students’ reading experience into the subject teaching curriculum. Different subjects provide different types of reading activities, such as model making, oral presentations, writing book reports and quiz assessments. The participating subjects include Chinese, English, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Integrated Science, Computer Studies, Chinese History, History, Geography, Home Economics, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Business Accounting, Economics and Visual Art.

Good Book Recommendation in morning assembly

Good book recommendation sessions will be held during morning assemblies. Subject teachers, students and librarians will be responsible for sharing good books. The books they share are not limited to one or two languages or genres.

Newspaper Reading Scheme

Our school library provides a Chinese newspaper subscription for the whole year. Students are required to subscribe to the newspaper for the L.S. reading session in designated weeks. In addition, there will be a newspaper reading period every week to encourage students to learn more about the current social issues.

LS Reading Session

The LS reading session will be held once a cycle. Students will conduct an in-depth group discussion based on the current social issues and some liberal studies learning materials. This helps students prepare better for their DSE public examinations.

School Book Fairs

Two book fairs are held every year. The fairs help promote a reading atmosphere and motivate students to read more at school. Students can take this opportunity to purchase the books they like.


Library Teacher
Ms Chu Wai Ting , Mr Chan Kin Fung