Our Mission & Vision

School Vision

In the pursuit of educational excellence, the school seeks to establish an environment on campus conducive to an enjoyable and effective teaching and learning atmosphere. By embracing a rich life together, teachers and students work in partnership to mutually encourage each other and instill the spirit of life-long learning.

School Mission

The school is committed to providing high quality education to enhance students' biliteracy and tri-lingualism, to develop students' higher order thinking skills, and to foster students' multi-intelligence. As a caring community, the school values and promotes the growth of the whole person so as to enable the student to become a responsible citizen and make a positive contribution to the local and global community. The school motto of Love, Respect, Diligence and Honesty embodies the school ethos.

School Motto

"Love, Respect, Diligence, Honesty"

School Goals

Po Leung Kuk Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary College aspires to be a leading aided junior secondary college in Hong Kong, providing quality junior form education. It seeks to actualize its vision and mission by

  • promoting successful, enthusiastic and inspirational teaching and learning,
  • enhancing students' language proficiency
  • developing students' potential with multi-intelligence and creativity, and
  • fostering students' self-discipline and nurturing students' sense of responsibility.