Other Learning Experiences


Other Learning Experiences (OLE)


In order to achieve the learning objectives of OLE, our school is providing students with a broad and balanced curriculum with diverse learning experience to foster whole-person development through the five areas of OLE (Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Career-related Experience, Aesthetic Development).

Aims and Expected Outcomes of Other Learning Experience (OLE):

  •     To widen students’ horizons, and to develop their life-long interests;
  •     To nurture positive values and attitude; and
  •     To provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum with essential learning experience in order to nurture the five essential Chinese virtues, ‘Ethics, Intellect, Physical Development, Social Skills and Aesthetics’
  •     To facilitate students’ all-round development as life-long learners with a focus on sustainable capacities.


Arrangement of the Extra-Curricular Activities Lesson (ECA)


  •     Various ECA clubs or classes will be organized according to students’ interests and the school situation.
  •     Several ways, such as bulletins, posters, banners, public announcements, newsletters and personal contacts will be used to keep students and parents be informed about the activities.
  •     Student should participate in at least one of the ECAs to fulfill the “One Student, One ECA” policy
  •     Students can choose the ECAs that they are interested in on Recruitment Day by filling in the ECA application form.
  •     Some activities will be outsourced and professional instructors will be employed. Students need to pay for the course materials / coach fee of those activities.


        The following chart shows the details of the extra-curricular activities.