Service Learning

As Other Learning Experiences (OLE) is part of the essential learning process of students, whole school community service is carried out. Through different kinds of community services, students gain different learning experiences, learn how to serve the others and show their care for those in need at the same time.

For the whole school community service, all students of the school have a chance of being trained and participating in different social services, e.g. voluntary planting, flag selling, carrying out activities for kindergarten kids, holding classes to teach the elderly to make handicrafts, use computers or smartphones, etc.

As one of the schools of Po Leung Kuk, our students have lots of chances to do charity work. Students participate in Po Leung Kuk Flag Day, Po Leung Kuk raffle ticket selling, dress special day and other voluntary activities held by Po Leung Kuk.

Through the activities, students not only help others, but also learn various activity-planning skills. Their self-confidence as well as communication skills can be strengthened and they can also be made aware of their role in society.