Discipline & Guidance Committee

Discipline & Guidance Committee

1. Aim

  • To guide students to follow proper growing path and build up positive values.
  • To help students to adapt all kinds of transformation so that they can grow up healthily
  • To enhance students’ personal integrity and the personal character and establish good self-image
  • To guide students to be self-regulated, self-discipline and respectful
  • To assist students to develop their intrinsic potential and control and manage individual emotions effectively so as to fulfill their need for actualization

2. Program Details

2.1     Target 1:   Enhancing students to follow the school rules in order to establish a good school ethos

Implementation plan


Plan 1: Classroom Management Activity (班級經營活動)

    1. Set up class regulations
  • DGC give guidelines to class teachers
  • Students should set up the class regulations with class teachers according to students’ responsibility, selfdiscipline and Civic consciousness, etc)
  • Materials will be prepared to class teachers: 5 large size drawing paper and colour pens
  • Each class should post the class regulations on board



    1. School regulation quiz (F.1)



    1. Class Teachers Sharing Period (Wed/ Day 6, 12)

    - Provide materials & guidelines for class teachers

- Suggested activities: 

(i) Locker checking , especially in F.1 

(ii) Checking: Student handbook / Stationary/ Uniform

(iii) Joint-committee programme



Sept - Oct( SAC)


Ø Self-awareness

Ø Self-management   

Nov – Dec (SWK)


Ø Social awareness

Ø Sex education

Feb – March (DGC)


Ø Positive thinking 27/1 

Ø Positive psychology 17/2

April – June


Be a good citizen & a good national






Day 6 assembly









Day 12








(c) (i) (ii)


Day 12 Assemblies

& reading sessions


(c) (iii)

27/1 & 17/2

Implementation plan


Plan 2 : Moral Education in Morning Assemblies

In the first and last (if needed) Wednesday morning assembly in every two-three months, class teachers will carry out the corresponding activities which will be prepared by the committees below:



Sept - Oct( SAC)


Ø Self-awareness

Ø Self-management   

Nov – Dec (SWK)


Ø Social awareness

Ø Sex education

Feb – March (DGC)


Ø Positive thinking 

Ø Positive psychology 

April – June


Be a good citizen & a good national

  • Theme promotion on 20/1: Video / News / Drama etc. 
  • DGC will be responsible for the evaluation of the theme “Optimism”

(end of March)




Plan 3: Breakthrough Programme (奮進計劃)

Entry Requirement:

Class teachers can refer the student to join this programme if

- the student has more than 3 demerits (缺點) or minor demerit (小過) or major demerit (大過

- the student has the intensive to change their misbehaviour


  • Class performance record / Revision after school / Take the test or exam in 142 / etc.


  2 Major demerits à 1 Major demerit à

2 minor demerits à 1 minor demerit à 2 demerits (End point)

Whole year

 Plan 4: Summer bridging course (For S.1 newcomers)

- This programme is in charged by AC

DGC will be responsible for:

  1. DGC Students Talk
  2. DGC Parents Talk 




(i) 7/8/20


(ii) 30/8/20

Plan 5: DGC Theme Week

  • Discipline Week in each semester
  • Show the statistical results everyday


      The following routine work also matches up with Target 1: 

      Enhancing students to follow the school rules in order to establish a good school ethos

Spot check of student’s learning thing

Highlight of school rules and regulations in September and October ‘s morning assemblies

Class management – supervise and remind class teachers by using checklist

Student Talk (Road Safety) 

Conduct mark system

Guidance class at lunch and after school

Flying-High programme (co-operative with AC)

S1 Orientation cum Parents’ Day 

2.2    Target 2: Enhance Students’ capabilities in self-management


 The following plan matches up with Target 2: 

Plan 1

Classroom Management Activity (班級經營活動)

Plan 2 

Moral Education in Morning Assemblies

Plan 3

Breakthrough Programme (奮進計劃)

Plan 4

Summer bridging course (For F.1 newcomers)

       The following routine work also match up with Target 2: 

Regular check-up of students’ uniform 

-In every Monday ,Wednesday and Friday morning assemblies

-In some Day 6, 12 assemblies

Spot check of student’s learning thing

Class management – supervise and remind class teachers by using checklist

Conduct mark system

Guidance class at lunch and after school

Flying-High programme (co-operative with AC)

2.3   Target 3: Raise students’ self-competence and positive energy in facing challenges and 
                       enhance their abilities in managing adversity

Implementation plan


 Plan 6: Voluntary Teaching Mission outside Hong Kong  

Cooperate with SWK

  • Personal growth groups
  • 4D3N Outbound voluntary teaching mission outside Hong Kong

Whole Year

Plan 7: Healthy School Programme

Cooperate with MCNEC

  • Board display and game booths
  • S.1 health talk & health check stations
  • S.2 & S.3 healthy life educational talks (assembly)
  • Day camp for prefects (DGC) x 40 prefects
  • 2D1N camp for prefects (MCNEC) x 35 prefects

Whole Year

Plan 8: SFC Leadership Training Day Camp 

  • About 40 students will join the day camp organized by SFC teachers and social workers.
  • This plan aims at providing a chance for students to familiarize with SFC campus and develop their leadership potentials


Plan 9:  S.1 Leadership Training Day Camp 

The day camp helps students to develop skills and leadership through participating in group activities and training. It aims at building up students’ confidence, sense of responsibility and self-discipline.




Plan 10S.3 Leadership Training Camp 

To help S.3 students strengthen their ability at an individual and personal level and to help them to take on greater challenges socially and academically.


S.3: 2-Day-1-Night Camp



5/2/21 – 6/2/21

Plan 11School Retreat Day

- To raise students’ positive energy in facing challenges and enhance their abilities in managing adversity.


    The following routine work also matches up with Target 3: 

Prefect Team

Announcement Team

2.4   Target 4: Building up a campus caring atmosphere, raise the sense of belongings of students

The following plan matches up with Target 4: 

Plan 1

Classroom Management Activity (班級經營活動)

     The following routine work also match up with Target 4: 

Class management – supervise and remind class teachers by using checklist

Respect Teachers Activity

Stand by me (Mentor system)

Love Corner

I have a date with Teacher

3. Routine Work  

3.1    Internalization of student’s discipline



Nature of Duty



Deal with students’ problems

(especially for self-management)

  • locker issues
  • lost-items
  • bring mobile phone without the permission from school
  • discipline between lessons
  • go to other classrooms
  • courtesy 

Procedures of handling students who violate school rules:

Class teachers will first talk to the student and do the follow-ups, and contact the parents at the same time.

  • For serious cases or support needed, seek DGC Form-level coordinators or social worker’s advice
  • For cases across classes, members from the special group will intervene
  • For criminal cases or cases across schools or cases need to contact police force and other schools, DGC Master/Mistress will intervene

Contacting parents

Class Teachers


Handling students

Class Teacher,

Discipline Form Consultant

Special Case Team


Liaising with external units:



Organization of patrol duty list (當值表) to maintain the school discipline

  • Routine Duty (Morning, Recesses, Lunch, Afterschool and Detention)
  • School events, such as Opening ceremony, Speech Day and Sports Day

Coordinator: KCM

Executor:   All teachers

SupervisionSPY (VP), KCM,WYL


Morning Assemblies

Morning assemblies (English)

  •  Coordinator in EMI week & training the student announcement team

English Department

Support: SPY, CTT

Morning assemblies (English)  - Coordinator in Tuesday

Shared by 

SPY (VP) , KCM and WYL

Morning assemblies (English)  - Coordinator in Friday

Morning assemblies (Cantonese / English)

-  Coordinator in Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Monday:    KCM

Wednesday:  SPY (VP)

Thursday:   WYL

Assist AC to follow the students who are absent from AC tutorials

(if necessary)




Nature of Duty



Day 6, 12 Assemblies

  • Before the assembly, arranging seats for students and  

reminding them to behave well

  • After the assembly, announcing the list of class detention and  

dismissing the students

All DGC Members


Special Class Arrangement

- The arrangement of students who have long absence and who need to attend the Special Class

  • Monitor the followup of Class teachers and subject teachers
  • Remind Class teachers to contact with parents before the action
  • Keep a high supervision on the students’ behavior in Staff room 2(no talking, no sleeping, no lying on table)
  • KCM is responsible for sending the list of students who need to attend the Special class through Moxtra

(i) Communicate with Class teachers:

Discipline Form Consultant

(ii) Lesson-on-duty:

DGC teachers + DGC assistant

(iii) Notify to teachers through Moxtra: KCM



Regular check-up of 

students’ uniform 

            Remind students to pay more attention to their school uniform    

            and appearance and keep a plain student image. Routine work:

  • In every Tuesday and Friday morning assemblies
  • In some Day 6, 12 assemblies
  • Checking uniform and appearance at the school entrance
  • Spot check on uniform and appearance



Class teachers

Class teachers

DGC teachers

All teachers


Fire Drill

  • Two fire drills each year
  • To reinforce student’s awareness on fire, get them to be   

familiar with the emergency escape route and go to the basketball court swiftly

  • Remind students the followings:

Whenever you hear the fire alarm:

  • Be aware à Assume the accident is true
  • Leave all other things in the classroom except purse/wallet
  • Switch off all electrical appliances before your leave
  • Follow teachers’ instructions and gather at the basketball court orderly and rapidly

Co-ordinator:  KCM 

 (KCM àSPY à WYLà 



Other teachers are responsible for maintaining students discipline in different locations



Nature of Duty



Spot check of student’s 

learning things

  • 1 male and 1 female DGC teachers are needed for every spot check of student’s stationery
  • If a student is found to have forbidden item(s) in the spot check, followups will be taken on him and his parents will be informed by class teachers

Approval*SPY, *KCM,*WYL *WYM,*CHS

Executor:   DGC teachers

Contacting Parents: Class teachers


Highlight of school rules and regulations

  • Throughout the year’s morning assemblies



Summer Vacation Work


  1. AC Probation week

& DGC Probation Week

  1. Repeaters issue


(i(AC Probation week + DGC Probation Week: KCM + 1 DGC teacher) 

-  Discuss with AC about the results of AC Probation week

-  Prepare the duty roster for DGC Probation Week

-  Prepare relative forms 

(Attendance Record / List of Students who can enroll à AC and office)

-  Review student’s daily performance and attendance

-  Follow the case of absentee

(ii) (Repeaters issue: WYL+ 1 DGC teacher)

-  Review student’s daily performance and attendance

-  Talk with individual students about their learning difficulties 

and intention of study in this school, guidance will be given if necessary (Coordinate with CGC)

  • Prepare the List of Students who can enroll à AC and office
  • Follow the case of absentee


(i) KCM  

(AC Probation week +

DGC Probation Week


(ii) WYL  + WYM

(Repeater’s issue)

Assistant: DGC Assistant


Feedbacks on Social Current Issues 


Special Working Unit


Notice board promotion

 Update noticeboard regularly (Especially on School Open Day)


DGC Assistant

(Supervision: SPY)


Class management – supervise and remind class teachers by using checklist

  • Design a checklist (Job reminders) for the reminders to class teachers
  • Checklist include the students selfmanagement: 

Proper use of lockers, classroom routines, lateness problems,


Design checklist:  KCM

SupervisorsSPY (VP) , KCM , WYL


 Special Working Unit

  • ŒPreventive – Special Working Unit should be prospective, responds accordingly to the student’s characteristics , organize class activities or Student Talk  (e.g. Held by Police Community Relations Office, School Liaison警民關係組)
  •  Remedial - Special Working Unit will activate if any common misbehavior is found, proper remedial action plans will be worked out.

“Discipline” Teachers

   (*WYM + CHS)


+ “Guidance” Teachers 

 (*CTT + LTC + LYW)





Campus TV

Prepare the movie Clips: to internalize student’s discipline if necessary



 Deal with the students who do not attend the AC tutorials

 Help AC teachers to deal with the cases on request

     Form coordinators


Students’s behaviour in Tuck shop and basketball court

 - Collect the information from ERMC or the staff of tuck shop

- Reminder in morning assembly (e.g : Line up / cleaning problems)


3.2  System of rewards and penalties



Nature of Duty



Conduct Mark system

 Contact with the service provider to update the DGC administrative program (訓導行政系統)


Input of student’s conduct marks into SAMS

Kelly (Office)

Present the following prizes to students in the Closing Ceremony

  • The highest conduct mark in each class per semester

 (Conduct award) 

  • Conduct improvement award in the 2nd semester                        

KCM + DGC Assistant


Guidance class at lunch andafter school   

- Time: 

~ Lunch hour everyday

~ Every Tuesdays (4:00 – 5:30) and Thursdays (4:30 – 5:45 p.m.)

  • For those students who need to attend this class, they should go to room 142 by themselves and finish the work assigned by teachers

Coordinator: KCM

Printing and daily follow-up :

Kelly (Office)


Flying-High Programme

The programme is organized by AC. DGC is in-charge-of the items related to ‘Student Guidance and Discipline’, which include students’ punctuality, school uniform and appearance

 DGC techers

43.3  School prefects

Nature of Duty


Prefect routine work arrangement:

  • Interview for new Prefects
  • Prefect Leadership Training
  • Inauguration Ceremony for Prefects
  • Duty of Prefect (Routine duty and special events)
  • Regular Prefect meetings and sharing (quad-weekly)


Prefect Team administration:

  • Duty description, team establishment and timetabling
  • Performance record (attendance and quality of service)
  • Appraisal system (promotion, dismissal, commendation)
  • Conduct mark and OLE records





 3.4  Other Administrative Work



Nature of Duty



Special Case Team Conference


Convene case conference on serious cases

Participants of the conference include members of Special Case Team, 

Form Coordinators and Class teachers. Role of participants:

  • Special Case Team: host and final decision maker if necessary
  • DGC Form Coordinator: Contact related teachers for the meeting  
  • Class teacher: Take minutes, contact parents, handle and followup the student

Special Case Team


(Girl or SEN : WYL)

Class teachers,

Social worker,

DGC Form Coordinators


SEN Student Learning support

  • Keep close contact with the Education Psychologist 

(Public Relations Officer of Educational Psychology Service)

  • Assist teachers to refer the needed students to the Education Psychologist
  • Followup and keep record of the assessment reports of SEN students
  • Establish Student Supporting Records
  • Coordinate the joint committee of “Student Supporting Unit”
  • Have meetings with Integrated Education Officer from EDB 

(once in each semester)



Mentoring Programme for New Teachers

  • Briefly introduce school rules and regulations, system of conduct marking and roles of class teachers in the ‘New Teachers Orientation’ in August



Public Relations Work

  • Participate in all internal meetings (School Policy Meetings, Council meetings and Students’ Places meeting )

- Participate in internal “Student Supporting Unit” work

- Joint Committee with Senior Secondary schools

- Keep contact with the Police Force and report students’ misbehaviors


KCM – Police Force, AC, ITC


             Sixth Form College


  • Report and submit student information to government organizations

Printing: Office



Nature of Duty



S1 Orientation cum Parents’ Day (August)

  • Design Orientation activities to provide a chance to let the new comers get to know their class teachers and build up the sense of belonging to the class

Activity Coordinator: 



F.1 class teachers & DGC members

  • Orientation Day Parents’ Seminar: to introduce school rules and regulations to parents



Parents’ Day, Parents’ meetings and Parents’ Night


(Parents’ meetings) Meet with parents whose child has misbehaviors 

Parents’ Night: 18/9/2020 (S.2 & S.3) 




DGC Form Coordinators

Social Workers

All teachers



Communication with 

Class Teachers

F.1 Class teachers meeting (September and October)

Co-ordinator& Chairman: SPY (VP)


F.1 Class teachers

Form-level Meeting   (October, March, May)

DGC Form Coordinators 


Class Teachers

Taking initiative and discuss the follow-up with class teacher




DGC Form Coordinators



Nature of Duty



Student Lateness

  • Handling the lateness students after Hall morning assemblies

DGC Assistant


Respect Teachers Activity

  • Organizing respect teacher card activity
  • encourage students to express their appreciation to teachers
  • the cards can also be distributed to parents
DGC Assistant


Stand by me

 (Mentor system)

Arrange a Life Mentor to each S.1 student

-  Co-ordinate the Tea Time Gathering

  • prepare the encouraging cards, birthday cards


(Consultant: CTT)


Love Corner

  • Encourage each class to decorate their Love Corner” board, in order to build up an appreciating and caring atmosphere

DGC Assistant


I have a date with Teacher

  • Organizing gatherings (at least two) throughout the year for newly arrival and NCS students, in order to let them adapt the new environment
  • Arrange individual caring service for students

Siu Pui Yin (VP)