Discipline & Guidance Committee

Discipline & Guidance Committee

  1. Aim
    1. To guide students to follow proper growing path and build up positive values.
    2. To help students to adapt all kinds of transformation so that they can grow up healthily
    3. To enhance students’ personal integrity and the personal character and establish good self-image
    4. To guide students to be self-regulated, self-discipline and respectful
    5. To assist students to develop their intrinsic potential and control and manage individual emotions effectively so as to fulfill their need for actualization
  2. Program Details
    1. Target 1: Strengthen student moralityTo enable students to be informed and responsible citizens with a sense of national and global identity, appreciation of positive values    and attitudes as well as Chinese culture, and respect for pluralism in society
    2. Target 2: Enhance Students’ capabilities in self-management
    3. Target 3Raise students’ self-competence and positive energy in facing challenges and enhance their abilities in managing adversity
    4. Target 4: Building up a campus caring atmosphere, raise the sense of belongings of students

   The following plan matches up with Target 4: 

Plan 1

Classroom Management Activity 


        The following routine work also match up with Target 4: 

Class management – supervise and remind class teachers by using checklist

Respect Teachers Activity

Stand by me (Mentor system)

Love Corner