Academic Committee

Academic Committee



  1. To build up serious learning and teaching culture and atmosphere, and enhance students’ interests and capabilities in learning. 
  2. To co-ordinate the development of languages and library reading programs to promote reading in school. 
  3. To develop school-based curriculum and effective learning and teaching strategies.
  4. To promote different teaching methods and strategies with the trend in education.
  5. To develop systematic operational procedures.


Members and Structure (2020-21)

Chief AC Mistress                   : Assistant Vice Principal Ms. Wong Hiu Tung, 

                                                   Assistant Vice Principal Ms. Chiu Man Ming

Senior AC Master                    : Mr. Yeung Wing Shing

AC Mistress/ Master                : Ms. Yuen Ho Kwan, Mr. Lam Wai Kin

Assistant AC Mistress             : Ms. Chu Wai Ting

S1 AC Master                          : Mr. Lam Wai Kin

S2 AC Master                          : Mr. Yeung Wing Shing

S3 AC Mistress                        : Ms. Yuen Ho Kwan

Members                                  : Mr. Ma Kai Sing, Ms. Ng Tsz Ying, Ms. Yip Yan Yan, Fiona

IT Teaching Development       : Ms. Chow May Tak 


Assistant                                  : Mr. Chan Kin Fung

General Office                         : Ms. Lee Wing Yan, Letitia, Ms. Chau Siu Man, Kelly



School-base KLA Curriculum












LSF (WHT)Languages






PSHE and Value Education



Sports, Arts and Creativity (ECCAC)

















Science, D&T, ICT, H.E., B.A., Maths


通識中史, Hist, Econ, Geog.



P.E., V.A., Music
















 1. DSE 100% lev 3

‚ 2. LaC




‚2. Entrepreneurial spirit 

ƒ3. Gifted education 

4. DSE lev 5á


1. Basic Law

2. The Belt and Road Initiative

3. National Identity and Global Citizenship  

4. Chinese Foreign Policy

5. Moral Education


 1. Gifted education

‚ 2. Creativity 



Major Concerns (2019-2020)

  1. Developing School-Based Curriculum.
  2. Enhancing assessment systems and the efficiency of teaching and learning.
  3. Enhancing cross-curricular language learning.
  4. Enhancing the teaching conditions, full implementation of the e-Learning.
  5. Strengthening the education on the gifted and exploring their potentials
  6. Providing appropriate support, enhancing students’ academic performances.


Program Plan (2019-20)


Highlights of Routine Plan


Assessments inside and outside school

School-wide teaching evaluation program to enhance learning and teaching

Arranging various after class courses, catering for the needs of students 

Cultivate students’ reading habits, improve reading atmosphere

Admission of new entrants and registration of new and current students

Educational Video

Library affairs

“Flying High Programme”

Academic Tour

Summer Course


Highlights of Implementation plan


  • Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) Students: 
    • Chinese Language and Putonghua: The school is currently designing and developing a school-based Chinese language curriculum for NCS students. NCS students are not required to take Putonghua lessons, instead, they will be provided Chinese language consolidation training. 
    • Liberal and Social Studies (LSS): Split-class arrangement would be in place for NCS students, where English would be used as the medium of instruction for the class. The subject requirements, including syllabus, assignments and assessments would be the same as local students, despite being conducted in English.
    • Chinese History: The lack of prior knowledge in Chinese History is the biggest hurdle to NCS students in learning the subject. Therefore, issues would be taught to NCS students in a special way, with reference made to current events so as to facilitate their understanding. Small group teaching for NCS students also makes it easier to teach them the historical timeline through story-telling. 
    • For tests and examinations, a different set of paper will be provided for NCS students in Chinese Language and Chinese History. For Liberal and Social Studies, the papers would be set in English, with the same content as local students.