Reading to Learn

Library: A Learning Hub
To attract readers to the art of diving into the ocean of knowledge, libraries nowadays do not passively wait for visitors but actively create a welcoming environment as a learning hub.
To help the library become an increasingly competent information centre, so that it can also provide assistance to the curriculum and teaching at school. 
With the aim of promoting e-learning, increase the collection of AR and STEM books to create an I.T. learning environment. It also provides reference materials for school exams and HKDSE.

Good/ New Book Recommendations
To cultivate a reading culture, further encourage students' interest in reading, video clips of Good/ New Book Recommendations will be shown during morning assemblies and other occasions. Language teachers and students are responsible for sharing collections of library books. 

Joy of Reading Scheme
It aims to encourage students to develop a practice of a substantial reading habit. Students will be awarded reading merits by completing different tasks, such as writing down memorable quotes, designing book covers, drawing story characters or finishing parent-child reading reports. Parents’ involvement is always welcomed and treasured.

Subject-based Reading Scheme
Students’ reading experience is integrated into the subject teaching curriculum. Different subjects provide different types of reading activities, such as model making, oral presentations, writing book reports and other assessments.