IT in Education

IT in Education


Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and hardware in campus

The BYOD policy implemented from School Year 2020/21 brough our IT in education to the next level. To support the BYOD policy, a wide variety of hardware are installed in all classrooms and in the campus, including LCD projectors, visualizers and iPads. Wi-fi connection is also available in the whole campus to facilitate learning both inside and outside the classroom. Students can also use the computers in the computer rooms and library for learning after school.


Online Learning Platforms

Different subjects in our school have made use of online learning platforms to assist learning and teaching. Google Classroom and Schoology are the two main platforms used for management of learning. Other interactive apps and online resources are also frequently used to help students learn in a more engaging way. Together with the support on Moxo (x.TNKJSC), our internal communication platform, students can be well supported for learning online.


Learning and Teaching

In addition to resources available from different sources, school-based materials such as iBooks and educational videos are also tailor made by our teachers to cater for the needs of our students. Together with our Campus TV, which has been established for years and equipped with professional hardware and software for video production, students can also be involved in the making of educational videos and extend their learning in a more interesting way.