Incorporated Management Committee

Chairman of Po Leung Kuk & PLK Schools' Supervisors Committee: Dr. Daniel C Y CHAN, MH

Category of Managers Name of Managers
Sponsoring Body Manager

Mr. Jonathan C K TONG (School Supervisor)

Mr. Quincy K Y LUI, BBS, SBStJ

Ms. Carmen K M CHOI

Mr. Timothy T C CHAN, IDSM

Mr. Nathan W K AU

Ms. Loretta Y M LAM


Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager Ms. Florence H Y CHAN
Principal (Ex.officio Manager) Mr. Kenneth C K WONG
Teacher Manager Ms. P F LEUNG
Alternate Teacher Manager Mr. C W MAK
Parent Manager Ms. P Y YEUNG
Alternate Parent Manager Mr. C W MAK
Alumni Manager Mr. C W LEE
Independent Manager Dr. Tony N K TONG