Project Learning / Graduation Thesis

Project-based Learning & Graduation Thesis

To develop an independent learning habit among our students and equip them with the skills of life-long learning, Project-based learning and Graduation Thesis sessions are arranged for Secondary 2 and 3 students.


To echo with STEM education development, the theme of the Secondary 2 Project-based Learning is STEM-related. Students are encouraged to find problems in their daily lives and solve them using science and technology. In the process, they are engaged in discovery processes and try to apply scientific theories and coding skills in finding solutions to these daily life problems.


For Secondary 3 students, as part of their graduation requirement, they need to complete their Graduation Thesis, which is designed based on the Independent Enquiry Studies (IES) of the NSS Liberal Studies curriculum. Students will decide on the topic (thesis) they would like to work on, and complete their project under the guidance of their group mentors. The project aims to help prepare students for their studies in the senior forms.


In order to enable their peers and parents to have a chance to share the fruits of students’ efforts, a presentation day is arranged for students to present the findings of their studies. Outstanding work will be published online (link is external) to share with the public.