Department of English



  1. To provide frequent opportunities for students to become more independent and responsible in the learning process by employing activities to encourage student participation, cooperation, critical thinking and decision making.
  2. To develop students’ ability to carry out communication tasks by learning in an English environment, and to increase students’ exposure to English through informal activities.
  3. To develop students’ skills in writing by providing a variety of written tasks in accordance with the purpose and context of the communication.
  4. To promote reading for pleasure through reading stories and poetry, etc.
  5. To prepare teachers and students for the new syllabus.
  6. To strengthen students’ civil awareness and self-management.
  7. To enhance students’ awareness of the Kuk’s spirit and cultivate students’ moral virtues.



Details of Program Plan:

1. Speech Festival

2. Share and Learn: English App / web information sharing

3. Life-wide learning day activity

4. Reading session activities

5. English Club

6. English Ambassadors

7. Halloween Activities

8. Part-time NET – English Corner

9. Gifted Education: Debate Team, Speech Team & Creative Writing Team

10. EMI week activities

11. Summer Bridging Courses

12. Saturday English Enhancement Course






Department Heads:

Lam Wai Kin

Lee Shuk Fan Becky



Chan Ho Yan

Chan Tze To

Leung Shuk Ching

Sze Chik Ki

Tin Yun Fung

Yip Yan Yan

Yuen Ho Kwan

Lo Ching Ha Janie (NET)