Physical Education Department



Physical Education Department Members

Chairperson :    Mr. Wong Tung Ming

Members     :    Mr. Chung Kai Kin

Ms. Wong Yin Ling



School physical education (PE), through teaching a wide range of sports skills and knowledge, helps students develop an active and healthy lifestyle, and nurture balanced development in the five virtues, ‘ethics, intellect, physical development, social skills and aesthetics’. A school-based PE curriculum should be broad and balanced; and cover the six strands of knowledge. PE focuses on learning motor and sports skills, and is keen to develop physical fitness. Teachers should also bring in tropics relevant to “health and fitness”, “sports-related values and attitudes”, “knowledge and practice of safety”, knowledge of movement” and “aesthetic sensitivity” when appropriate.


Students will be able

  1. To acquire locomotors, body coordination and object manipulative skills in a wide range of physical activities for fun and performance;
  2. To ascertain how physical activities relate to god health; and learn the basic of planning, implementing and evaluating individualized workout plan;
  3. To understand the meaning of sports competition and develop positive values and attitudes;
  4. To learn risk management; and implement measures to prevent sports injuries;
  5. To construct a knowledge base for fun, performance, and the organization of physical activities;
  6. To understand the meaning of beauty; and strengthen the capability of giving comment on physical performance.


Program Plan

Plans to be implemented

Conducing various teaching pedagogies

  • Flipped Classroom
  • PE teaching and learning video
  • Establishing Professional learning Community (PIC)
  • Joining Sports Program
  • Sports Talk

Development of School-Based Key Learning Areas

  • Mapping and refining KLA cross subjects curricula

Preparation of 2019-20 10-day cycle curricula

  • Refining PE curricula to 10-day cycle from 8-day cycle

Enhancing the quality of assessment tools

  • Designing of coursework

Systematizing the nurturing of gifted students

  • Implementing tier structure for gifted education
  • Representative from PE to complete the GE foundation course

Coordinating Sports School Teams

  • Participating in inter-school / open competitions
  • PLK Affiliated Secondary Schools Sports Award Scheme
  • PLK Affilliated Secondary Schools Joint-school Swimming Gala
  • HKSSF Inter-school Competitions
  • Sports school teams management
  • Design curriculum (Training)

Improving the quality of teaching in English

  • All teachers fufilling the English proficiency level
  • Conduct the PIE of MOI
  • Cooperate with MOI task force to carry out LAC reading activities

Knowing students’ characteristics and ability, providing

various support and adjustments

  • Preparation of PLKTNK Swimming Gala (1920)
  • PLKTNKJSC Sports Day
  • Creative and Innovative Entrepreneurship and Maker Fortnight
  • Entrepreneurship and Maker Open Market



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