Department of Mathematics

Integrated Stem - Mathematics Department 


  • To develop students the ability to conceptualize, inquire, reason and communicate mathematically.
  • To develop students to use mathematics to formulate and solve problems in daily life as well as in mathematical contexts.
  • To develop students the ability to manipulate numbers, symbols and other mathematical objects.
  • To nurture students a positive attitude towards mathematics and the capability in appreciating the aesthetic nature and cultural aspect of mathematics.
  • To develop students’ confidence and interest of mathematics learning.
  • To provide education of higher order thinking skills (e.g. the ability to think critically) for students.
  • To prepare students to be promoted to PLK Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College by restructuring the junior form curriculum.
  • To provide gifted education for the elite students.
  • To foster PLK spirits.


  • Focusing on catering to learner diversity and MOI in order to increase the academic results 
  • Equipping students with high-order thinking and critical thinking skills
  • Organizing different activities to raise the students’ interest in mathematics
  • Raising students’ self-learning ability, building-up self-learning habits

Highlight of Program Plan

  • Mathematics School Team
  • Elite Mathematics training program 
  • External Mathematics activities and competitions (Local or international)
  • Mathematics Club 
  • Applying various teaching pedagogies with flexibility (E-learning, Flipped Classroom, iBook, kahoot, etc)
  • Mathematics Educational video 
  • Life wide learning day (Outside school) 
  • Life wide learning activities (Normal lessons)
  • Creative and Innovative Entrepreneurship and Maker Fortnight
  • Cross-KLA Reading Scheme and activity
  • After school tutorials
  • Bridging program for new S1 students in summer holidays
  • Join the EDB GE network, establishing Professional Learning Community (PLC) with other schools
  • Cooperating with Tertiary institutions


Panel Heads :          1. Assistant Vice Principal, Mr. Kau Chun Ming (KCM)

                                2. Mr. Cheng Yuk  (CY)


Subject Teachers :   3. Ms. Chong Wing Ki (CWK)

                                4. Mr. Ho Tsun Ho (HTH)

        5. Mr. Lai Hui Tung, Marco (LHT)

                                6. Mr. Ma Kai Sing (MKS)

        7. Mr. Mak Yue Cheung (MYC)

        8. Mr. Tsang Kib Pui (TKP)

        9. Ms. Yuen Sau Yan Eliza (YSYE)

        10. Ms. Prasad Ananya (Ananya)