School Events

Job guessing activity

This activity was held on 17th Dec 2019. Career Ambassadors made a video about different kinds of jobs. Under the guidance of class teachers, students could guess the related career which was acted by the Career Ambassadors via the video. They enjoyed the activity very much. 

Students were watching the video made by the Career Ambassador.

Job introduction activity - Wedding Planner

This activity was held on 22nd Oct 2019 which offered students an opportunity to know more about the job duties of a wedding planner. Under the guidance of class teachers, students learned more about the wedding planner and know the requirements of being a wedding planner.

Students were watching the video about the duties of the wedding planner.

Student Union Election

Student Union election has completed. The cabinet Wakanda won the majority vote and has become the Student Union executive committee.

Introduction to school facilities by ERMC: The new Irene Yu Library

In order to fulfill our mission, our school library’s renovation project creates an environment that facilitates interaction, creativity, innovation, learning, and new access to resources and information. The renovation project includes facility upgrades and program enhancement. We appreciate Dr. Tong Nai Kan’s (1999-2000 Director of Po Leung Kuk) recognition of our students’ successes and are grateful that he is supporting our school through his generous donation as we embark on an exciting new chapter for our library.

The Irene Yu Library is a rectangular structure, designed to blend the best of traditional library services with a wide range of electronic resources.

Theme of December and January (19-20) in School Library – Healthy Lifestyle

In order to enhance the reading atmosphere in school, the library prepares a series of themed activities every two months. The theme of December and January is Healthy Lifestyle'. There were two activities – a classroom activity in morning assembly and a game booth in lunch recess. Students gained lot of knowledge on the topic and enjoyed the two activities.

The boys are enjoyed the game very much.

Sex Education Talk

A Sex Edu Talk targeted S1 and S2 students was held on 19 Dec 2019. We are pleased to invite The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council to give a talk about love and sex to our students. Students found the topic fascinating and learnt a lot from the talk.

Ms. Anna Cheung, a speaker from The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council is giving a talk to our students.

F3 Inter-class Competition

The F.3 Inter-class Competition was held on 3rd December 2019. Three to Four student representatives from each F.3 class joined the song-guessing activity on that day in the school hall. The activity was fun - students were all enjoying the activity in laughter.
Finally, 3E got the first prize; 3A and 3C got the second and third place respectively.

The final positions of each class.

Chatting with the Vice Principal

In order to know more about our students, the Vice-Principal, Ms. Siu is meeting all form two students during lunchtime. Students can talk about what they feel about everything of the school.

Ms. Siu is going to have 27 meetings with our F.2 students to develop a better communication with them.

Green Christmas

'Interclass Green Christmas Competition' was held on 20th December, 2019. Students were encouraged to bring their own utensils for the Christmas party to help reducing waste production. They also did a great job in recycling useful materials after the party, for example, plastic food containers, plastic bottles, waste paper, and cans. At the end of the party, Civil Ambassadors went to each class to measure the amount of rubbish they produced in order to decide the winning classes.

Students are sharing their food happily during the Christmas party. They all bring their own reusable utensils.