School Events

S3 Growth and Leadership Training Day Camp

On 5th and 6th February 2024, our Growth and Leadership Training Day Camp for Secondary 3 students took place, leaving an indelible mark on the participants' lives. Held in Hong Kong Award for Young People Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp, this empowering camp was a unique blend of team-building exercises and thrilling adventure activities, aimed at fostering personal growth and leadership skills.

Students sit in a spirited circle celebrating the strength of togetherness.

S1 Leadership and Training Day Camp

Excitement filled the air as Secondary 1 students embarked on the thrilling S1 Leadership Training Day Camp, filled with team-building activities and the adrenaline rush of abseiling. Held on 5th February 2024 at Junior Police Call Permanent Activity Centre, the camp aimed to foster unity and camaraderie among the students, while also challenging their limits. As the students conquered their fears and descended down the long ladder, cheers of encouragement echoed through the campsite. Through various team-building games, they learned the importance of cooperation and trust.

Students preparing for abseiling activity

2023-2024 S3 Parent Talk 2

The 2nd S.3 Parents' Talk was held at the college on 31th January 2024. Teachers from Po Leung Kuk Vicwood K.T.

Teachers from KTC share the information of the elective subjects offered in S4.

2023-2024 Biotech Taster Workshop

A one-day Biotechnology Taster Workshop for primary students was successfully held on 13th January, 2024. The workshop included the introduction of cell structures and DNA as well as DNA extraction of different fruits. All the primary school students and our student helpers enjoyed this activity very much.

Students are getting ready outside the biotech lab.

2023-2024 Chinese Traditional Festivals Activities Day

In order to strengthening students' sense of pride and identity in their own culture, the Chinese Traditional Activities Day was held on 2nd Feburary, 2024. Through the event, students gained a better understanding and appreciation of China's traditional values.

Students write "Hui Chun" and take a photo with teachers.