School Events

Biotechnology training course for teachers from PLK Riverain Primary School

A teacher sharing workshop was held on 23rd September 2021 in order to provide training on basic biotechnology techniques for 16 teachers from PLK Riverain Primary School. This is a pre-teaching course for teachers to learn how to deliver the concept of biotechnology to secondary school students. Two experiments (Bacterial culture and DNA extraction from strawberry) were conducted during the workshop. The theory and the importance of serial dilution in biotechnology were also introduced to the participants.

Dr. Alice Chan was introducing the training workshop.

Po Leung Kuk Young IMPACT Makers Programme: Be a Y.I.M. Orientation Day

A group of 10 Form 3 students have joined the Young IMPACT Makers Programme organized by Po Leung Kuk. They are about to embark on a journey of understanding the needs of the disadvantaged and contributing their ideas and efforts to help make an impact to the society. During the Be Y.I.M. Orientation Day, the kick-off event of the Programme, students had a chance to have a glimpse about the needs of the grass-root families and think about what they could do to help.

Our students are ready to embark on this journey of change-making.

S.2 and S.3 Parents' Night

In order to foster a closer co-operation and better communication between parents and the school, the S.2 and S.3 Parents' Night was held in the School Hall and the Lecture Theatre respectively. Parents were cordially invited to attend this important event in order to meet our Principal, Vice Principals and Committee Heads. Teachers and parents also had genuine discussions about students' learning progress and school life.

Many parents attended the Parents' Night.

The S1 Parents Day cum Orientation Day

The S.1 Orientation and Parents' Day was held on 29th August 2021. The aim of the Orientation Day was to build a mutual relationship between class teachers and students in order to help the new students adapt to the new secondary school life. In addition, parents could get a general idea about the school policy, academic requirements, extra-curricular activities, and other related issues in this academic year.

Our Vice Principal, Ms. Wong is giving a welcome address and introductory remarks.

Po Leung Kuk Flag Day

Po Leung Kuk Flag Day was held on 11 August, 2021 (Wednesday). Parents and students were invited to take part in this meaningful fund-raising event. Donations will be used for Po Leung Kuk educational and social welfare services. Participating in flag selling activities provides a good opportunity for our students to take part in community services.

Let’s take a photo!

Visiting the School of Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong

It was pleased that our students got the opportunity to learn from the students at the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Hong Kong. The university students introduced the topic of their research project to our students. They also demonstrated some of the experimental processes and introduced the basic theory of the project. Our students were excited to learn the new knowledge and experimental techniques through this visit.

Students visited the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Hong Kong in August 2021.

Biotalent Junior Scientists Training Programme by DreamTec Limited

Two members of Biotechnology research team participated in Biotalent Junior Scientists Training Programme organized by DreamTec Limited this summer. Students learnt about the idea of stem cells and conducted experiments on related topics. Our students were pleased to have this opportunity to work in a commercial company to know more about the science industries in Hong Kong. Students could enhance their interest on science through participating in this biotechnology internship programme.

Two members of Biotechnology research team participated in Biotalent Junior Scientists Training Programme this summer.

54th Joint School Science Exhibition

Our Biotechnology Research Team joined the 54th Joint School Science Exhibition Proposal Competition and was qualified to enter the 54th Joint School Science Exhibition in August 2021. The theme of this year was 'Inspiring in Science. Seeking for Balance.' Our students presented their project 'Biodegradation of polyethylene and polystyrene by Superworms' in the exhibition to share the idea of how to degrade plastic waste to protect the environment.

Our Biotechnology Research Team joined the exhibition.

Positive Sports Education Programme

Positive Sports Education Programme was held from 26 July to 6 August. It was a programme where students got opportunities for self-development. There were cooperation training, swimming training, and adventure-based challenges where S1-3 participants realised their potentials. The programme came to an end with fruitful results as most participants think the programme did boost up their confidence and enhance resilience.

Our students participating in adventure-based training with a lot of concentration.