School Events

Dream Tec Visit (11 May 2021)

DreamTec Research Limited is one of the leading Hong Kong based biotechnology firms. DreamTec has been developing cutting-edge applications in biotechnology, including valuable recombinant proteins, stem cells, 3D bio-printing as well as exosome. DreamTec Research Limited's Scientific Officer, Dr. WU Kam Chau, and Chief Business Development Officer, Mr. Elman CHEUNG, visited our school on 11 May 2021.

Dr. Wu and Mr. Cheung were joining our S1 biotechnology lesson.

S2 PBL and S3 IES Presentation Day

The S2 PBL and S3 IES Presentation Day was held on 7 May 2021. Students were showing their works and projects to teachers and other students, including S1 students. All students were very concentrated on the presentation. Some students were keen to ask questions. It is a golden opportunity for students to learn from each other. 

Five S3 students were presenting their ideas about stress faced by S1 students.

Chatting with the Assistant Vice Principal

In order to collect opinions from students, our school held an activity that students can exchange opinions with our Assistant Vice-Principal Mr. Kau. The pandemic situation did not stop the communication between students and the school. The activity was successfully held throughout March and April with our S2 students. Each class sent out 4 to 5 representatives to express their opinions to Mr. Kau.

A 3-Day Biotechnology Tasting Programme for Primary School Students

Our school understands the importance of biotechnology in our daily life and therefore try to promote it in the earliest stage. In order to promote the Biotechnology Education, the Science Department designed a 3-day biotechnology tasting programme for primary school students. Our students are responsible for introducing and teaching the primary school students how to conduct experiments.

School Supervisor Visit (28 April 2021)

It was our honour to have the School Supervisor, Mr. TONG Chun Kit Jonathan, visiting our school on 28 April 2021. Our Principal, Mr. WONG Chung Ki, extended his warm welcome to our honourable guest, introduced our school and showed him around our school campus. Our teachers were delighted to introduce the most recent developments of our school, including the Tony Tong Biotechnology Laboratory, the Fabrication Laboratory, and the new LED wall, TVs, sound and lighting effects of our newly renovated School Hall.

Our Principal, Mr. Wong Chung Ki, was introducing our recent publications to our School Supervisor, Mr. Tong Chun Kit Jonathan.

National Security Education Day dated 15th April

In order to let students know more about the National Security Law, a series of activities was held in April this year for the National Security Education Day dated 15th April. A National Security Education lesson was held on 14th and 21st April for S1 and S2 classes respectively. For S3 students, a lesson about the National Constitution was held on 28th April. In the lessons, a video clip about the National Security Law or the National Constitution was played with a Q&A game followed.

Students are paying attention to what the teacher is teaching in the National Security education lesson

CGC Careers Activity (A Day in the Life of Arborists and Gardeners)

A group of Form 3 students was invited to join a career activity held by Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Campsite. Different roles of arborists and gardeners, including the species of trees, planting and the experience of being a tree surgeon, were introduced to students. Our students were actively involved in the event and they realised the importance of preserving the nature.

Social Innovation.Community 4.0 Competition: Community Day

Two teams of students from Form 2 and Form 3 have joined the Social Innovation.Community 4.0 Competition. They need to design a solution to help improve the quality of life of elderly people living in the North District in Hong Kong. Students were trained by teachers from Liberal & Social Studies and STEM subjects, so that they can analyse the needs of the elderly from the social perspective and apply STEM-related skills in developing a prototype of their solutions.

Students are ready to introduce their innovations to the visitors.

Staff Development Day

The second staff development day was held on 8th and 26th February 2021. On 8th February, a Beeswax Food Wrap Workshop was conducted by Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centre. We can reduce plastic waste by making our own natural reusable food wraps with fabric and melted beeswax. These handy wraps can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes for sandwiches, bowl covers.

Teachers are watching a demonstration of how to make reusable food wraps with fabric and melted beeswax.