School Events

Joyful Fruit Week

The Joyful Fruit Week with several activities such as 'Fruit Bingo!', 'Fruit & Health Quiz Contest', 'Fruit Kahoot! Competition' and 'Fruit & Health Slogan Competition' was organized in the first week of May 2021. The purposes of the activities are to encourage students to eat more fruit, strengthen their immunity, and maintain good health.

'Fruit Bingo!' Students used their iPads to join the activity, and the teacher was showing the bingo fruit on screen. There's excitement in the air!

Theme of April and May (2021) in School Library – STEM x Body Facts

In order to promote STEM-related reading materials to students, the library held a series of activities in April and May. Apart from a thematic book exhibition and morning assembly quiz game, the library organized an inter-class AR poster colouring competition. The competition requested each class representative to colour a poster and show the finished works in AR format. In the end, representatives from 1C, 2D and 3A won the competition with their outstanding works.

1C (4) LEE BERNICE CHEUK NAM is the champion in Form 1.

Life-Wide Learning Day - “Walking to School” movie watching and sharing activity

The activity aims at providing national education for students to let them know more about different aspects of our motherland, China. The activity was divided into four sessions, showing a short video about the Civic Education Resource Centre, showing the movie “Walking to School”, playing a Kahoot! game about the movie and a sharing and reflection session.

Life-Wide Learning Day (English Drama Activity)

The Life-Wide Learning Day was successfully held on 21 May, 2021. In The English Drama Activity, native English-speaking tutors came to the College, and had interactive speaking practices with students of classes 2D, 2E and 2F. Students were highly engaged in practising drama skills in English throughout the 2-hour activity. All of them were motivated and attentive. 

A student was eager to be the volunteer and to guess the Leader in the warm up game called “Guess who the leader is”.

The School Book Fair

The School Book Fair was held on 25th and 26th May 2021. A wide range of books were showcased at the School Book Fair. All students were interested in reading books. Some students were keen to purchase their favourite books. The School Book Fair encourages students to broaden their horizons through reading.

Students were looking for their favourite books.

CGC Careers Talk

In order to help our students and parents understand more about the procedure of promotion to SFC, a seminar on SFC Admission Procedures and Making Informed Choices in Subject Selection was held by Career Guidance Committee. A senior teacher from P.L.K. Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth College, a life-planning professional as well as teachers from T.N.K. were invited to have a sharing with our students, parents and teachers.

Parents are listening to the talk attentively.

The Genuine Discussion Between Parents and the Principals was held on 15 May 2021

The Genuine Discussion Between Parents and the Principals was held on 15 May 2021 in the school hall of Po Leung Kuk Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary College. The event was a nice opportunity for the principals, teachers and parents to share their enrichment strategies to support students' learning. Principal Wong informed the parents about the summer holiday schedule. The College is going to offer consolidation courses and productive activities to help students to recover both academically and physically from disrupted periods of distance learning.

The Genuine Discussion Between Parents and the Principals was held in the school hall.

Disaster Preparedness Foundation Training for Safety First Aid Team

40 students have completed a training programme called 'Disaster Preparedness Foundation Training" organized by Hong Kong Red Cross. This training aims at enhancing the knowledge and skills amongst the general public on the scope of community resilience. In addition, it can equip the public's response capacity to urban crises and emergencies in high-risk communities.