School Events

Positive Education Programme

Positive Sports Education Programme was held between 2 August and 12 August. It was a programme for self-development. There were swimming training and adventure-based challenges for participants to realize their potentials. The programme came to an end with fruitful results as participants find that the programme did boost up their confidence and enhance resilience.

Participants are listening to coaches for instructions.

10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ Leadership Experiential Day 2022 @ Credit Suisse

12 of our Form 3 girls joined the Leadership Experiential Day @ Credit Suisse organized by the Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation, an extension to last year's summer camp, which aimed to prepare students to be future ready leader with coding and leadership skills. During this visit to the Credit Suisse HK Office, students were inspired by the sharing by Credit Suisse staff from various departments. They got practical tips about future career planning and knew more about the life as a banker at an international bank through the chats.

We thank Credit Suisse volunteers for their hospitality.

Cultural Journey Carnival

To promote an inclusive environment in the school and foster students' understanding of different cultures, a two-day Cultural Journey Carnival was held in June. Students could learn more about facts and cultures of India, Pakistan, Thailand and Nepal through various activities, such as Hanna drawing, Thai boxing experience, digital drawing and mini-quiz game. Students enjoyed the activities and had fun before the examination.

Thai boxing was the most popular activity at the Carnival.

Life-wide Learning Day: Visit to HKSTP and Coding Workshop

On Life-wide Learning Day, the Faculty of STEM arranged 40 Form 3 students to visit the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP). Students learnt about the development of the HKSTP and how start-up companies grew at the HKSTP. Students visited the experience lab of Sensetime, where they learnt about how AI and AR technology were developed and applied. Finally, students also attended a coding workshop to learn how to make an app with AI function.

Students visit the experience lab of Sensetime at the HKSTP.

Project-based Learning and Research Thesis Presentation Day

Our Project-based Learning (PBL) and Research Thesis Programs are an integral part of the MAKER curriculum. Students have a chance to investigate an issue of their interests and try to come up with a STEM-related solution. This year, theme of the Form 2 PBL is "Smart Campus", while for Form 3 students, they would look into an issue related to the broader society. The presentation day provides students with a chance to share their research findings with their peers, as well as to learn from each other.

Students have made a prototype to demonstrate their solution at the presentation.

The 5th Chinese History Elite Competition

Our Chinese History school team members took part in the 5th Chinese History Elite Competition on 22 July 2022, which was organized by Bastille Post. It was a single elimination tournament. The coverage of the competition included ancient and modern Chinese History. Our students learnt a valuable lesson in this competition because the level of the competition was so advanced and coverage of the competition was so comprehensive.

Our students were ready for the competition.