Rule and Regulations

General rules in the library

Ø Please keep quiet in the library. Speaking loudly, eating and playing is not allowed.

Ø Please keep the facilities clean and in good condition, any items should not be damaged.

Ø Readers should go through the check-out procedures at the circulation counter if they want to borrow books.

Ø After reading the books, please place the books on the cart or at the original position on the book shelves.

Books Circulation

Ø All library users may borrow books with their student cards.

Ø Loan period: 2 weeks (according to the chop).

Ø Items quota: each students can borrow 3 books at one time.

Ø Borrowers should return their borrowed items on or before the due date.

Ø All overdue items are fined at $1 per day per item.

Ø Before leaving the library, readers have to ensure that the items are in good condition.

Ø If the readers lose or damage an item, they should inform the library teacher immediately.

Using Computers

Ø Browsing facebook, youtube, forums, game sites, message boards, online diaries is not allowed.

Ø Watching movie clips and reading comics are prohibited.

Ø The wallpaper, screensaver, and the home page of the browser should not be changed without permission.

Ø Please save the files in the USB.

Opening Hours

8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Library Teachers
Ms Hui Ka Wai, Mr Chan Kin Fung

Contact us

Phone: (852) 2194 5707. Fax: (852) 2194 5718.