Moral, Civic and National Education Committee


    1. To help students develop their proper moral values, virtues and positive view of life
    2. To help students understand themselves, their relationship with and responsibility to their family, school, society, nation and the world 
    3. To help students understand our nation and to raise their national awareness
    4. To enrich students’ other learning experiences, thus to broaden their horizons and develop their ability to think independently



1.   To facilitate students’ moral growth, instil right values into students and strengthen their due responsibility as citizens of Hong Kong

2.   To help students develop right attitude towards social affairs, so that they can have a good interaction with the external environment

3. To help students learn more about our nation and enhance their national awareness 

4. Through various opportunities to serve others provided by the school or outside associations, students are able to enrich their learning experiences outside the classroom, thus to have a better understanding of the community


Committee Members

        Ms. Chan Ho Yan (Chairlady)

        Ms. Chan Shuk Man

        Mr. Chan Sau Yin

       Mr. Lau Kin Fai 

       Ms. Leung Shuk Ching

       Ms. Siu Wing Ngan

       Ms. Chau Siu Man (G.O. assistant)

       Ms. Fok Lai King (G.O. assistant)