Student Affairs Committee

Student Affairs Committee



  1. To coordinate the work and activities of student affairs internally and externally. 
  2. To ensure that resources can be used effectively in order to maximize students’ benefits. 
  3. To arrange internal student affairs. To implement the work which is for the welfare of students, can take care of students’ mental and physical development and can raise students’ sense of belonging to school. 
  4. To get external resources for students. To recommend and nominate students for the internal and external scholarships/financial aids in order to raise students’ self-images and self-confidence. 


Committee Members :

Chairman:  Ms. Wong YM  Ms. Li MY

Members:   Ms. Chan WL, Ms. Chung SP, Ms. Lam WY, Mr. Lau KF, Ms. Law HY, Ms. Leung WT, Ms. Li YQ,

                    Ms. Shen JN, Ms. Siu WN, Mr. Tsang KP, Ms. Wong CY

Assistant:   Ms. Cheung HW


Routine Plans (Administrative work throughout the year)


Implementation Plan