Environment & Resources Management Committee

Environment and Resources Management Committee




   Mr. Chan Tsan Sen 


Assistant Chairpersons:


   Mr. Mak Yue Cheung




   Ms. Li Ying Qi

   Ms. Wan Suk Kwan 

   Mr. Lau Kin Fai

   Ms. Yuen Sau Yan

   Mr. Chau Chin Man

   Mr. Lo Yiu Fat




 1.1. To enhance the use of resources by managing the school facilities

 1.2. To operate the school well by coordinating the use of school venues and furniture'

 1.3.To enhance the students’ sense of belongings by facilitating the school campus and facilities


Construction and Repairs Department


  2.1. To ensure the smooth operation of our school by co-coordinating the facility maintenance 

  2.2. To follow up the maintenance work such as searching information, quotation, following the working progress, checking and handling the invoices 

  2.3. To ensure the smooth operation of our school by following up the maintenance of all systems 

  2.4. To monitor and co-ordinate the progress of maintenance and construction work 


Venue, Furniture, Merchandising and Janitor Management Department


  3.1. To co-ordinate  and manage school facilities, furniture and keys

  3.2. To avoid the annoyance from mosquitoes, rates and wild animals inside school campus

  3.3. To re-new  the signposts and notices for the whole school according to the situation

  3.4. To co-ordinate the committee clerical work

  3.5. To maintain the plantation measures and co-ordinate the maintenance of gardening and greening project

  3.6. To handle the process of merchandising

  3.7. To arrange the work of janitors and the cleaning of school campus.

  3.8. To co-ordinate and manage the internal and external lease of school campus.

  3.9. To manage the security of the school premises