S1 Registration

Po Leung Kuk Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary College

S.1 Registration Documents and Fee

中一新生註冊日期: 13/7/2023 – 14/7/2023
S.1 Registration Date: 

註冊時間: 上午9:00-12:30, 下午2:00-4:00
Registration Time: 9:00a.m.-12:30p.m., 2:00p.m.- 4:00p.m.


Students must bring along the following documents and fee for registration.

1. 派位證及入學註冊證(正本)
Allocation Slip and Admission Slip (Original) 

2. 香港身分證(副本)
如學生於國內出生,請同時帶備通行證明文件或有效旅行證件 (單程證及護照)之正本及副本
Hong Kong Identity Card (Copy) 
If student was born in Mainland, please bring along One-way Permit and passport. (Original and copy) 

3. 具有父母/監護人姓名的英文地址証明文件(例如﹕電費單和水費單)
A document with the student’s address and parents’/guardian’s full names in English (e.g. electricity bill and water bill)

4. 小五、小六成績報告表(副本)
The latest school reports (Primary 5, 6) (Copy)

5. 最近的護照相片2張
TWO recent passport-sized photographs    

6. 行政及雜費$1,600 可以現金/支票支付
如繳交劃線支票,抬頭寫上:保良局唐乃勤初中書院法團校董會 ,並在支票背後寫上學生姓名、學生於2023-24年度級別及家長聯絡電話
Administration & Miscellaneous fee: $1,600 by cash / cheque
Can pay by a crossed cheque and made payable to ‘The IMC of Po Leung Kuk Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary College’, and write down the student’s name, student’s form in 2023-24 school year and parent’s contact number on the back of the cheque

7. 如訂購校服,請預備$100訂金
Deposit for school uniform $100 (if purchasing)

可乘搭之交通工具: 港鐡:美孚站B出口
Transportation: MTR: Mei Foo Station Exit B