The 16th Alumni General Meeting

The 16th Alumni General Meeting was successfully held at our school on 15th Jan 2021. The event was held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Principal, Mr. Wong Chung Ki, gave a welcome speech. Then Vice Chairperson of the Alumni, Mr. Li Chun Wai presented the annual report and budget report. This was followed by our Assistant Principal, Miss Leung, who presented the result of Alumni Manager Election on behalf of our Returning Officer of the 2021-2023 Alumni Manager Election, Mr. Lam Ka Ho.

The 16th Alumni Annual General Meeting was smoothly held on 15th Jan 2021.
Principal Wong was giving a welcome speech to our Alumni.
The minutes of the last Annual General meeting dated 10th January 2020, have been adopted.
The Vice chairman of the Alumni Association, Mr. Li Chun Wai was presenting the budget report.
Our Assistant Principal, Miss Leung was announcing the result of 2021-2023 Alumni Manager Election.