Alumni Sharing 2022-2023

On 13th February 2023, CGC organised an alumni sharing session for our S3 students. 15 alumnus came to introduce the curriculum of different elective subjects and share their experiences on selecting elective subjects. Our S3 students were very active asking many questions about the elective subjects. Through this sharing session, both alumnus and our S3 students gained a great experience expressing their feelings regarding the subject selection.

Mr. Ma, the career master of TNK, was briefing the alumnus, S5 students from SFC on the details of the sharing session.
The alumnus were keen to share their experiences on selecting elective subjects when they were in S3.
Mr. Chan, the career teacher from SFC, conducted a debriefing session with the alumnus.
Ms. Leung, the Assistant Principal of Tong Nai Kan, expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to all alumnus.
The alumni sharing was held successfully with all the extraordinary efforts taken by the teachers and alumnus.