S3 Job simulation 2022-23

In order to help Form 3 students understand more about their career paths, a job simulation session was held by Careers Guidance Committee (CGC) on 19 May 2023. The students had a great opportunity to perform tasks that are related to different occupations (physiotherapist, veterinarian, accountant, voice actor, reporter, kindergarten teacher, ambulanceman and doctor). They had a taste on their dream jobs in order to understand about the job duties more. They really enjoyed the activity.

The instructor was teaching students how to be a voice actor.
The students were having a mini competition on the tracking, and correcting the school committee’s finances in order to be a good accountant.
The student learnt how to bind up a wound for the animals.
The student accepted a challenge to report a news with use a journalistic tone.
Students were invited to introduce the types of muscles of a human body.