CGC Careers Talk II

In order to help our S3 students and parents understand more about the subject choices under the NSS curriculum, a CGC Seminar for Parents and Students on Senior Secondary and Subject Selection was held by Career Guidance Committee (CGC). Teachers from PLK Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College were invited to our school to have a sharing with our students and parents.

Mr To, the teacher of SFC, is introducing the subject combination for the 2020-21 academic year.
Mr Chan from SFC is introducing the Geography subject offered in SFC. He is telling students the curriculum framework of the subject.
Ms Wong from SFC is introducing the Chinese History subject offered in SFC. She is telling students the basic features and requirements of the subject.
Mr Siu from SFC is introducing the Mathematics M1 curriculum offered in SFC.
Our Career Mistress, Ms Wong is giving some tips for our S3 students on how to make the right choice of elective subjects.