English Drama Activity (Life-Wide Learning Day)

The Life-Wide Learning Day was successfully held on 19th November, 2021. In The English Drama Activity, native English-speaking tutors came to the College, and had interactive speaking practices with students of class 2A, 2B and 2C. In the 3-hour activity, students were highly engaged in practising drama skills in English. All of them were motivated and attentive.

A student was eager to be the volunteer and to guess the Leader in the warm up game called “Guess who the leader is”.
Looking at the pictures, a student learnt the body movements and facial expressions.
The NET teacher was inviting students to act with emotions. Students were listening to her attentively.
Students were excited to play Kahoot! games and review what they have learnt about fables.
One group of students were acting out the fable, which was “The Lion and the Mouse”.  Other students were listening attentively and learning from each other.