Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation Summer Camp

18 of our Form 2 girls have spent a fruitful week with students from 7 other PLK Secondary Schools in the Summer Camp organized by Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation. The 6-day program aimed to equip girls to be future ready leader. Through the coding sessions, our girls got to learn one of the most important skills needed in the future. They attended sharing sessions delivered by successful female leaders in various fields, offering them invaluable insights and inspiration. Students also had fun during the sports sessions, which included Muay Thai, Dodgebee, Yoga and K-Pop Dacing. We hope our students have broadened their horizons and met new friends during this happy week! (Credit: Some of the event photos are provided by JYCGIF)

Participants have a photo with guests at the opening sharing session. (Photo Credit: JYCGIF)
Students are learning coding in a fun way in the Summer Camp.
Student responds to the guest speaker's question actively. (Photo Credit: JYCGIF)
Students are collaborating to make a better parachute than the other groups.
Students enjoy a lot in the K-Pop Dance session.