Odyssey of the Mind 2023 - World Finals

Our Creativity Thinking Team was qualified as one of the Hong Kong schools to join the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals 2023 at Michigan State University of the United States during 22-28 May 2023. This was a global competition that allowed the members to develop their problem solving skills, encouraged collaboration with others, and supplemented their learning with real-life situations. Though they did not turn out to be a top team, they actually did a great job at the performance after months of preparation. The tour was undoubtedly a valuable life-time experience for all of the members.

21/5 (Sun) - The team arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport to mark the beginning of the tour.
22/5 (Mon) - The team finally arrived at Michigan State University to prepare for the World Finals.
25/5 (Thu) - The team members finally got their Long-term performance done at Wonders Hall after months of preparation.
26/5 (Fri) - All team members were ready for their Spontaneous competition at Wells Hall on a beautiful day.
27/5 (Sat) - What a spectacular sunset to mark the last night, right after the closing ceremony at Breslin Center.