Po Leung Kuk Young IMPACT Makers Programme: Be a Y.I.M. Orientation Day

A group of 10 Form 3 students have joined the Young IMPACT Makers Programme organized by Po Leung Kuk. They are about to embark on a journey of understanding the needs of the disadvantaged and contributing their ideas and efforts to help make an impact to the society. During the Be Y.I.M. Orientation Day, the kick-off event of the Programme, students had a chance to have a glimpse about the needs of the grass-root families and think about what they could do to help. In the coming year, our students will be able to interact in person with people from different disadvantaged groups and get inspired to be an impact maker.

Our students are ready to embark on this journey of change-making.
Students are engaged in a mini ice-breaking game.
Students and the social worker in charge of the group get to know each other.
Students are trying to think about what can be done to help the low-income families.
Students reflect on what they have learnt in the orientation programme.