School Supervisor Visit (28 April 2021)

It was our honour to have the School Supervisor, Mr. TONG Chun Kit Jonathan, visiting our school on 28 April 2021. Our Principal, Mr. WONG Chung Ki, extended his warm welcome to our honourable guest, introduced our school and showed him around our school campus. Our teachers were delighted to introduce the most recent developments of our school, including the Tony Tong Biotechnology Laboratory, the Fabrication Laboratory, and the new LED wall, TVs, sound and lighting effects of our newly renovated School Hall. The school tour took about 2 hours and ended with a group photo taken outside Tian Teck Building at our school entrance.

Our Principal, Mr. Wong Chung Ki, was introducing our recent publications to our School Supervisor, Mr. Tong Chun Kit Jonathan.
A teacher representative was presenting to our honourable guest at the Irene Yu Lecturer Theater.
Our Principal, Mr. Wong, was introducing the LED wall, TVs, sound and lighting effects to our honourable guest, Mr. Tong, at the School Hall.
Our Principal was showing the School Supervisor around our school campus.
A group photo with our honourable guest, Mr. TONG, was taken outside Tian Teck Building at our school entrance at the end of the tour.