Life Wide Learning Day - Visiting CAD Aviation Education Path and Hong Kong International Airport

On the Life-Wide Learning Day, students of classes 2D, 2E and 2F had a virtual visit to the CAD Education Path in the Hong Kong International Airport. This visit aims at enhancing students' knowledge about the history and development of Hong Kong International airport, aviation, including the Aviation history of Hong Kong, aircraft cabin design and safety features, Air Traffic Control (ATC) operations and introduction of common Aircraft models in Hong Kong. Students are able to understand the daily operation and the future development of the airport. During the visit, students were attentive and motivated. They further discussed the pros and cons of building the 3rd runway in the future.

CAD Education Path in the CAD HQ
Common Aircraft models in Hong Kong
Mock ups of the next generation ATC consoles to be used in the new ATCC
Students focus on expressing the idea on developing 3rd runway of the airport.
Students pay attention to the video regarding the daily operation of the airport.