Visiting Sam Tung Uk Museum

Archeology Club organized the activity for the students in 3 March 2023. The theme of the learning activity was named "Tour of Sam Tung Uk Museum".

Constructed in 1786, Sam Tung Uk founded by the Chan clan in Tsuen Wan is a Hakka walled house of historical and heritage significance in Hong Kong. It became declared monument in 1981. Sam Tung Uk was converted into a museum in 1987.

The aim of the activity is to help our students understand the wisdom and building techniques of the pioneer settlers as well as aspects of traditional rural culture. Students have gained a valuable opportunity to understand the history of Hakka historical and heritage significance through this visit.

Students arrived at the destination.
Students waited to enter the Museum.
Student took the view of traditional cuisine for daily life of ethnic groups.
Students viewed the traditional festivals and customs of ethnic groups.
Students paid attention to the sculpture skills of ethnic groups.