Student Achievements

Elite Cup Writing Competition

Elite Cup Writing Competition was held on 27th January 2019. Four F.2 and F.3 students joined the competition. They spent lots of time practising writing after school and shared the writing ideas with each other. Finally, as a group, they got the 2nd prize in Elite Cup Writing Competition. Besides, 3B Wong Lap Fu got the 1st place and 2A Ho On Ki and 2B Ku Cheuk Man got the 2nd place of the writing competition.

2018 Sham Shui Po Students Development Scholarship

The following students are honoured to receive the 2018 Sham Shui Po Students Development Scholarship:

3A Ho Lok Man

3B Choi Yat Sun

3E Ho Lok Man

3E Lau Ho Lung

3E Wong Yu Ching

3E Wong Yee Ting

3E Chiu Ka Kin

3E Wong Kin Nam

"Perseverance" Four-a-side Futsal Competition

2nd Runner-Up - 'Perseverance' Four-a-side Futsal Competition Silver Cup

Team Members:

2A Tamang Sabin, 2B Lu Yat Hei, 2D Heung Chun Ho, 2D Limbu Suwen, 3E Chan Pak Him, 3E Yu Tsz Chun, 3C Luo Chun Wai and 3D Hung Ka Chun