Student Achievements

Outstanding Group Award Scheme 2017

Our school scout teams were awarded the Outstanding Group Award. The scout teams are :

1) 126th Kowloon Group Venture Scouts
2) 126th Kowloon Group Scouts

2016-2017 Scholarship Ceremony

Our students endeavoured to do their best throughout the year. Their efforts got rewarded and they got different scholarships and awards, such as Elsie Tu Education Fund Student Improement Award, Eternity Love Foundation Scholarship and Youth Arch Student Improvement Award last year.

Inter-School Athletics Competition 2016-2017

2B CHEUNG MING HE won the Championship of Boys C 100 meters.

2P CHUNG CHEUK LAM won the Championship of Boys C ShotPut.

2C CHAN HO KWAN won the 2nd Runner-up of Boys C 1500 meters.

SSPD Athletic Meet 2016

1B CHAN CHI HANG was the Champion in Men-Group E High Jump.

2B CHEUNG MING HEI won the 1st Runner-up of Men-Group D 100 meters and the 2nd Runner-up of 200 meters.

2B TONG KWOK YU was the Champion of Women Group D ShotPut and Discus.