Donation for New Annex

Our Vision and Background

The school dormitory was closed in September 2010. In order to better use our resources, we plan to renovate the dormitory into a new teaching building. The aims of this project are to create more space in order to develop holistic education, strengthen bi-literacy and tri-lingualism and enhance students’ academic performance. The project also aims at providing well- equipped venues for Po Leung Kuk and other schools for organizing different activities.

We are grateful to have a one-million-and-eighty-thousand-dollar donation from Associated International Hotels Ltd.

We would like to show our appreciation for the generosity of Mrs. Cheong (2001-2004 Vice Chairlady of Po Leung Kuk) by naming the new building as “Tian Tech Building”.

Project Aims

1. Develop Students’ Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism

The real-time distance learning tools are able to assist our students with language learning.

2. Develop interactive E-learning

The rooms are equipped with various E-learning tools such as interactive smart boards, high-speed network systems and iPad minis. All this equipment can further enhance teaching and learning.

3. Develop Holistic Education

There are various music rooms in the new annex that help boost the development of Creative Arts and achieve the school objective of providing a holistic education.

4. Providing suitable venues for Po Leung Kuk other schools and the community

As the school is situated at a convenient location, it is easily accessible. The new annex provides ideal venues such as a lecture theatre, music rooms and meeting rooms for various activities.


Top floor

A staff common room for all teaching and non-teaching staff.

A Parent Teacher Association Room for holding meetings and activities.


Five music rooms for students practicing different musical instruments.

An additional Staff room for teachers.


Three classrooms for teaching and learning.

Student Union room for holding various meetings and activities.


Three classrooms for teaching and learning.

Two interview rooms for meeting / counseling students.


A classroom equipped with interactive learning tools providing room for self-learning after school.

A general office for staff.

A multi-purpose room for organizing activities for students.

Ground floor

A lecture theatre which is able to accommodate 90-100 people is an ideal venue for assembly/ real-time distance learning.