New Library

Donation for the New Library

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of our school, and throughout our history we have dedicated ourselves to preparing our students for their future by providing high quality education to enhance their bi-literacy and tri-lingualism, to develop their higher order thinking skills, and to foster their multi-intelligence. Research findings illustrate the positive impact of dynamic, inclusive library services and environments that are aligned with the school’s vision and learning goals. Researches about educational trends and pedagogical models also show the significant difference effective school library services can make on students’ literacy and learning outcomes in improving their reading test scores, academic achievement and learning attitudes. In order to fulfill our mission, our school library’s renovation project creates an environment that facilitates interaction, creativity, innovation, learning, and new access to resources and information. The renovation project includes facility upgrades and program enhancement. We appreciate Ms Irene Yu’s recognition of our students’ successes and are grateful that she is supporting our school through her generous donation as we embark on an exciting new chapter for our library.

The renovation of our school library took place during summer 2018. It features several architectural highlights. As we planned the structure, our thinking was not simply to erect a bigger and better library, but to transform the learning experience for students and for the school at a critical time in its evolution.