School Events

English Drama Performance

The English Drama Performance was held on 16th May, 2016. Each of the Form three classes has prepared a short drama to show us what they have learnt in the drama lessons.

The MCs are working together to get the audience excited about the show.

Life-wide Learning Day - African Drums Workshop

Two classes of S.3 students joined the African Drums workshop on 20 May, 2016. Apart from playing drums, the workshop also helped enhance students' creativity, leadership and team spirit. Students found the two-hour drumming experience exciting and unforgettable. For many students, this was their first time they had played the drums with their schoolmates together and enjoyed African dancing and singing culture with native African tutors.

We are ready to play the African drums.

Life-wide Learning Day by English Day Camp - Class 2C/D/E English Day Camp

Classes 2C, D and E participated in an Enlgish day camp at TaI Po Tung Tsz Scout Centre on 20th May 2016. They learnt and had fun with English in a real situation; the games facilitated students to communicate with each other in English. They practiced listening and speaking skills as well. Students enjoyed and learnt through different activities outside the school campus.

Our NET, Ms Jenny, is guiding the students to be on task.

Tai O Eco Tour

A visit to Tai O was held by the History and Geography Club in April. The visit aimed at providing students with a better understanding of the history and ecosystem of Tai O. Groups of 15 students were offered with a 60 minutes eco tour. Besides, they had a chance to make steamed buns for themselves. They also watched the Chinese white dolphins there. They enjoyed the visit very much.

The tour guide was briefing students about the history of Tai O.

Inter-house sports competition (Badminton & Table-tennis)

A challenging and exciting Inter-house Badminton & Table-tennis competition was held sucessfully from 4thto 6th May. Representatives of three houses (Pegasus, Leopard, & Kabarda) tried their best to get every single point in the games. On the other hand, students helpers who were responsible for judging the games, setting up the venue, recording the results, and even playing the music showed their enthusiasm to support the event.

Inter-house Badminton & Table-tennis competitions begin

2016 World Book Day Fest – Towards a Reading City

23rd of April is the annual World Book Day. Our school was happily invited to hold a reading game booth at Sham Shui Po Government Primary School last Saturday. The 2016 World Book Day Fest is co-organised by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and the Education Bureau with a view to continuing the good work in broadening students' reading experiences to meet the expectations of life-long learning in a knowledge society and enhancing the reading culture in the city.

A group photo to commemorate this special moment.

Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition 2015-2016

'Have you ever had an experience of picking up a shuttlecock frequently during the badminton training? Do you want to invent a machine to help collect and store the shuttlecocks?'. This inspires our students, F.2 Yau Chak-lai and F.1 Chan Ka-kin to invent a 'Shuttlecock Collector'.