The Plastic Runner of the Creativity Fortnight

In the Creativity Fortnight, there was the Plastic Runner co-organized by the Geography Department, History Department, Chinese Department, Putonghua Department and English Department. The Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 students joined the activities on 23rd March, 19th March and 17th March respectively. During the search for the plastic bottles on the corridors and in the classrooms, participants from each class searched for as many plastic bottles as they could by following the instruction notes. Meanwhile, there were teachers on duty to maintain discipline and ensure students' safety.

The students are glad to find the first bottle near the locker.
The participants are carefully studying the instruction on the bottle.
The students are discussing what the reminder means to them.
The participant is removing one bottle in the Geography Room.
The Campus TV crew are recording the participants’ joy upon the completion of the activity.

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