The Shuttlecock Competition (China’s oldest games)

The Creativity Fortnight 2014-2015 was held from 16th to 27th March aiming at raising the awareness of the importance of being environmentally friendly now and for the future.

To match the theme of the activity, Green for Future, the Chinese History and Physical Education Departments jointly organized the Shuttlecock Competition in order to promote green sports. During the event, F.1 to F.3 students were encouraged to participate in the competition. Students had a deeper understanding of China's oldest games, the shuttlecock as a result of participating in this competition.

Students are enjoying the shuttlecock competition in the school hall.
Practice makes perfect. Will they win in the competition?
Playing shuttlecock with friends is fun, isn’t it?
It is the oldest games in China brings us together to have a wonderful lunch recess.

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