Creativity Fortnight- Mathematics Department: Reduce Carbon in Your Everyday Life

The Creativity Fortnight was held from 16th to 27th March, 2015. In order to echo the main theme of the activity: Green For Future, the Mathematics Department has held an activity to teach students how to reduce the carbon they produce every day.

During the reading session on 24th March, students have been taught ways to reduce carbon in their everyday life. Throughout the week from 24th March to 28th March, students recorded the carbon they produced every day and finally how much carbon they have reduced when compared to the period before the actvity was held.

Students from Class 3A introduce the context of the activity to our students during the Morning Assembly.
Students from Class 1P are following the teacher's instruction to calculate  the amount of carbon they produce per day.
Students from Class 1A are discussing how to reduce the carbon that they produce every day.
Students from Class 1C are calculating how much carbon they produce every day.
Mr. Kwan is sharing his experience with the F.1C students on how to reduce carbon that is produced in everyday life.

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