Incorporated Management Committee

Chairman of Po Leung Kuk & PLK Schools’ Supervisors Committee :       Mr. Ching Nam MA, CStJ, JP

Category of Managers Name of Managers
Sponsoring Body Manager Mrs. Angel S P CHAN LAU, BBS, JP (School Supervisor)
Mr. Quincy K Y LUI, BBS, SBStJ
Mrs. Carmen K M MA
Ms. Grace K Y WU, BBS
Mr. Nathan W K AU
Mr. Clifton K C YEUNG
Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager  
Principal (Ex-officio Manager) Mr. Kenneth C K WONG
Teacher Manager Ms. Siu Pui Yin
Alternate Teacher Manager Ms. Chiu Man Ming
Parent Manager Ms. Yung Chui Yin
Alternate Parent Manager Ms. Tam Chi Ching
Alumni Manager Mr. Lee Chun Wai
Independent Manager Dr. Tony N K TONG