School Events

Stand by me " tea time gathering"

Students had their happy tea time gathering with their mentors last Friday. They shared their school life with their teachers and they really enjoyed the time.

Some of the 1A students had a happy tea gathering with their class teachers.

Certificate of Merit in the "Hong Kong Percussion Competition 2016"

Our Percussion Ensemble team has won the Certificate of Merit in the "Hong Kong Percussion Competition 2016" by their performance of playing drums. The competition was held on 11th December, 2016, Sunday, from noon to night for 6 hours' long at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza C, Tsim Sha Tsui.

"Hong Kong Percussion Competition 2016" was held in Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza for around 6 hours long.

Public Performance of Cello by Mathra Yip

Miss Yip Nga Yin, Mathra, from Class 3A had a public cello performance at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, in Tsim Sha Tsui on 10th February,2017. She performed for the programme of "Urban Lunar New Year Lantern Carnival" held by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
3A Mathra Yip (second right) was playing the cello.

S3 Leadership and Discipline Training Camp

The 4-day-3-night Leadership Training Camp for F.3 students was held in late January. The training camp provides ample opportunities for students enhances students' personal development. There are marching training, national education and fieldtrip challenge to raise the leadership ability, team spirit and the sense of belongings to our nation.

Students use their creativity to design their class flag.

Healthy Campus Programme - Overnight Camp: Exploring the Nature

One of the activities of the Healthy School Scheme is a two-day camp "Exploring the Nature" which was held from 20 to 21 January. It was held in Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. There were many attractive activities such as challenging group work, adventure games, outdoor cooking, war games, etc.

Students are making their group name and slogan before heading to the campsite.

School Info Day 11-12-2016

The School Info Day was held on 11th December, 2016 (Sunday) and it provided an opportunity for the public to know more about our school. An admission talk was held in the hall. The student helpers from TNK and SFC participated enthusiastically to introduce our school campus and facilities to the visitors.

Assistant Principal Ms. Leung Pui Fan is holding the admission talk in the hall.

Joint School New Zealand Study Tour Prize Presentation Ceremony 10-12-2016

The Joint Schools New Zealand Study Tour 2016 Prize Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on 10thDecember, 2016 (Saturday). The study tour broadened students' horizons and enriched their learning experiences. Students shared what they have learned from the study tour and we were impressed by their brilliant performances in the ceremony.

Brilliant performances from the students of the New Zealand Study Tour.

Life wide learning day (2P, 2A & 2B)

Three S.2 classes (2P, 2A & 2B) have just visited Guangzhou for the Life-wide Learning Day from 25 November to 26 November, 2016. They visited different companies and a local school there. All the students found the tour meaningful and interesting.

Students from Guangzhou represented their school to present the souvenir to our Form 2 students.