Regulations & Procedures Related to Examinations

Assessment Regulations

(a)  Students have to come to school for assessments according to the test and examination timetable. Latecomers must get permission from the chief examiner before entering the assessment centre. There will be no extra time given to latecomers.

(b)  During the assessment, students are not allowed to leave early or leave the assessment centre.

(c)  Electronic calculators, including programmable calculators, may be used in any non-language examination session provided that the calculators are battery-powered, silent in operation and with neither print-out nor graphic/word-display facilities and do not use dot-matrix technology in the main display.

(d)  Students may be disqualified and given zero mark for the examination paper if they cheat. That includes but not limited to improperly obtaining knowledge of assessment papers prior to the assessment; communicating or attempting to communicate in any forms with any persons inside or outside the assessment room during an assessment session in an attempt to gain unfair advantage; and copying from notes, books, or materials stored in electronic devices brought into the assessment room or from the work of other candidates during an assessment session.

(e)  All extra-curricular activities and ball games are cancelled one week before the UT and examination and during the UT and examination period.

(f)  Students must inform the school on the day they take sick leave during the assessment period. Students have to hand in a parents’ letter and the sick leave certificate on the day they come back to school and contact the subject teacher for make-up assessment. No make-up assessment will be conducted if students are absent with no reason or play truant.

(g)  Make-up assessment papers will be counted as 80% of the total mark.

(h)  If the EDB announces no school for all secondary school on an exam day, the school will set another date for the assessment affected. Assessment dates for other subjects remain unchanged.