IT in Education

Teaching & Learning in Information Technology 
We have installed a wide variety of IT equipment in the whole campus, including visualizers, LCD projectors, etc. Teachers of different subjects may use the equipment to assist their teaching so as to enhance student-teacher interaction. Our computer room and school library are open to students. They may use the computers in these rooms to do their assignments after school.

IT teaching
Information Technology is very important to teaching nowadays. The IT Committee of the school has purchased different equipment, such as visualizers, projectors and computers to help with teachers’ daily teaching. Installation work has been done during the summer vacation to equip our classrooms with a wireless PA system. Together with the wi-fi network which can be accessed throughout the whole campus, the IT teaching environment has been enhanced.

Learning online has also become popular in recent years. Our students often use resources on the Internet to learn, engage in academic discussion on different subjects’ online forums / platforms, submit assignments and carry out assessments online. 

Computers and the Internet are crucial to students’ learning. We are aware that some students may not have a computer at home. Therefore, the IT Committee has purchased 10 sets of notebook computers, which are available for students who need to borrow a computer.

In order to facilitate the establishment of Campus TV in the coming years, the IT Committee has started the preparation work, which includes the purchase of various equipment (both hardware and software) and the training of student helpers who are interested in running Campus TV. Students are given training in order to acquire necesary skills such as interviewing, film-making and editing. With the joint effort from the English Department, the Campus TV team has also participated in a video-clip making competition. Through training and various experiences, students’ skills in using different equipment and software are enhanced.