Code of Student - General

1. All students must be polite and respectful towards teachers and classmates.

2. All students are expected to work hard and follow all school regulations.

3. All students are expected to have good attitudes of civic awareness, responsibility and discipline.

4. All students must listen to and follow prefectsand monitors instructions.

5. All students must keep the school clean and not spit or throw waste materials anywhere.

6. All students must have a proper attitude toward all school property. Those who damage or destroy the property of the school will compensate for any damage caused.

7. All students must arrive at school on time and be punctual when attending all school activities.

8. When students are attending a lesson or participating in any activities, they must wear tidy uniforms.

9. All student must dress in a simple style. The hairstyle and uniform must conform to the summer and winter uniform specifications in the handbook.

10. All students must make an effort to finish tasks given by the school.

11. All students must respect the privacy of others, and are asked not to look at othershandbooks and not to steal personal data from others.

12. All students must bring their student identity cards and handbooks to school.

13. All students must not smudge, damage or paste stickers on the student handbooks.

14. All students must not borrow books from others, lend books to others or assist others in lending books. Students must not ask others to keep their books.

15. Students have a responsibility to report to the school the misbehavior of schoolmates.

16. Students cannot enter other classrooms without permission from school authorities.

17. Students must not bring prohibited goods to school, such as magazines, MP3, electronic games, mobile phones, etc.

18.Without permission from the school authorities, students should not form associations, conspire in groups, solicit donations secretly, publicize or post any slogans, send out or circulate any school documents.

19. Students must not misbehave outside the school, disturb public order, enler electronie gaunes centers and internet cafes, etc.

20. Students must not alter the parentsdocuments or forge parentssignature, and write over the academic report.

21. Students must not ask for money from schoolmates.

22. Students are prohibited to gang together for illegal activities, and they are also prohibited from meeting outsiders outside the school.

23. Students must not participate in any illegal organizations.

24. Students must not have contact with people of disrepute.

25. Students must report any situations or accidents to the school, they cannot conceal any information.

26. Students must return home at once after school.