Transcripts, Leaving Certificates and Recommendations

1. All Form 3 students receive their testimonials and transcripts from class teachers on the day of the Form 3 Graduation Ceremony at the end of an academic year.

2. Parents can apply for the recommendation letters, transcripts and/or school attendance certificates for their child if they have the need for pursuing further studies.

3. Application forms are available in the general office and on the school website.

4. Completed application forms should be submitted in person to the general office at least 10 working days beforehand. Normal processing time required upon receipt of the application form is 10 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

5. Only one copy will be issued to the applicant. Applicants are advised to make copies of the recommendation letters / certificates if necessary. The school will issue more recommendation letters/ certificates upon the receipt of written requests from other academic institutes only.

6. The recommendation letter / certificate will be distributed to the respective applicants through the class teacher once it is ready.


Application Forms Downloads