Code of Student - Laboratories

1. Students should not enter the laboratory unless a teacher is present. Before entering the laboratory, students should line up outside the laboratory quietly.

2. Students are not allowed to use laboratory equipment without the teachers permission.

3. Students should never enter the preparation room and store room of the laboratory.

4. Keep the laboratory clean including:

(a) Students should handle solid wastes or chemicals properly according to the teachers instructions.

(b) Students should not discharge chemicals into the sink unless instructed to do so by the teacher.

5. During lessons in the laboratory, students should obey the following rules:

(a) Students should not taste or smell any substance without the teachers permission.

(b) Wash hand with liquid detergent after experiments, especially those involving the use of chemicals and radioactive substances.

(c) Proceeding with experiments without teachers permission and using chemical substances carelessly are not allowed.

(d) Students should do experiments carefully and seriously.

(e) Students should be careful when using a Bunsen burner. The whole process should be completed by one student.

(f) Students should follow the teachers instruction to take the suitable amount of chemical substance for experiments.

6. Students should immediately report all breakages to their teacher. If students break something without reason, students should compensate for the loss and disciplinary action will be taken.

7. Students should immediately report all accidents to their teacher. Students should follow the teachers command to evacuate if necessary.

8. Students should not rush around or play in the laboratory.

9. Eating and drinking are strictly forbidden in the laboratory.

10. After an experiment, all apparatus should be washed and returned to the original place.

11. Students should follow the seating plan. Leaving or changing the assigned seat is not allowed.

12. Students should follow strictly the instructions given by the teacher to leave the laboratory.

13. Keep the laboratory exits and escape routes clear and tidy.