School Events

Book Fair

The book fair was successfully held from 18th to 19th November in the school hall with The Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd. Students had a large selection of books to choose from at the exhibition booths. Chinese & English fiction, non-fiction books, supplementary exercise books and stationery were displayed at the book fair. We hope to broaden students' scope of reading and help them nurture a good reading habit through activities such as the book fair.

Students are sharing their favorite books to their classmates.

School Picnic Day (F.1)

The school picnic (F.1) was scheduled on November 13 this year. All Form 1 students went to Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp on that day. Surrounded by hills and trees, the campsite is a fantastic spot for students to enjoy the natural environment. Apart from that, students also took full advantage of the recreational facilities there.

Students enjoyed all kinds of recreational facilities there.

Life-wide Learning Day - PE Boxing

The classes 3D and 3E girls joined a boxing workshop promoted by the Hong Kong Boxing Association (HKBA) and the School and Community Development Programme. The workshop provided the students with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the sport and an understanding of a ring sport. The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the chance to try the sport of boxing.

Introduction of the workshop.

Life-wide Learning Day (Eco Home)

Class 3B and 3C visited the China Light Power Eco Home on November 20th.

They have learnt lots of power saving knowledge.

And they enjoyed this visit with interesting.

Life Wide Learning - National Education Day Camp

This program was a discipline and moral training course which aimed at promoting the sense of moral and civic awareness of our students. The program was organised by Civil Education Resource Centre, which provides National Education and Moral Education.

The students are so eager to learn more about national education.

Inter-School Cross-Country Competition 2015-2016

Inter-School Cross-Country Competition 2015-2016 was held on 18 November at Aberdeen Reservoir. It was organized by the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Secondary Schools Regional Committee.23 students joined the competition. Cheung Hiu Hong of class 2B was the Sixth in the Boys C Grade Individual competition.

The boys look relaxed before the competition.

School Picnic (F2 and F3)

The school picnic (F.2 and F.3) was scheduled on November 13 this year. All Form 2 and Form 3 students went to Butterfly Bay Park on that day. Despite the occasional rain, all students and teachers had a fun and wonderful picnic day!

The boys were having an exciting football match.