School Events

F3 Inter-Class Basketball Competition

The Inter-Class Basketball Competition was held from 17-27th November. It was held by SAC. 3F were the Champion, 3D was the 1st Runner up, and 3E was the 2nd Runner up. Students enjoyed the competition from start to finish. They gave it their all.

Students were aimed at the basketball and waited for the chance of goal.

3E Community Service

Students and the elderly from Mei Foo Elderly Centre enjoyed a memorable sharing session on 28th November, 2014. Students and the elderly enjoyed learning from each other; the students taught the elderly board games whilst the elderly taught them some games of their childhood.

Class representatives are introducing the activity rundown to all participants.

Talk on 'Be Green Be Happy 2014'

The talk is based on the topic 'Be Green Be Happy 2014'. It helped and encouraged students to think about the way to save the earth and practise in their daily life.

The speaker from HK Electric is introducing the concept of 'Be Green Be Happy 2014'.

Mini-forum "Save the Earth"

Students were invited to do a role play and join in a mini-forum outside the canteen on 19th November, 2014. The topic of this year was "Government should enforce to implement the waste charging measure".

Students are taking on different roles to represent different parties in a mini-forum.

TEDx Youth@HongKong 2014 Talks

In this year's TEDx Youth Conference which was held on Saturday, 15th November, 2014 in Chiang Chen Studio Theatre of PolyU, 10 students attended the talks and felt much enlightened at the creativity and eye-opening adventures of various speakers embarking on their life-long pursuit of their own ambitions and working goals at placement.

The students look curious about the meaning of 'To be or not to be'.

2014 Harbour Area Treatment Scheme

Tang Tin Long of 3C participated in the nomination of ship name competition organized by Drainage Services Department in July 2014.

The student has won the champion award in the competition.

Students are listening to Miss Chan’s introduction.

HK Maritime Museum

As part of students' Other Learning Experiences (OLE), the Careers Guidance Committee organized a visit to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum on 15th November,2014. We believe that by giving students greater exposure to the various careers, we might properly equip them for the future.

Group photo 1 at the entrance to the HK Maritime Museum