School Events

F.3 Farewell Party

This year F.3 farewell party was held on July 7th. During the party, F.3 students showed their gratitude and appreciation to their teachers through songs, videos and mini-dramas. All our F.3 students, guests and teachers enjoyed the party a lot. We all hope for a bright and prosperous future for our F.3 students.

Students from class 3E performed a drama about their school life in the last three years.

Civic Education Resource Centre Visit

On the visit to the Civic Education Resource Centre (CERC), a guided tour was provided to promote civic education. The centre has three sections, namely the Resource Corner, the Civic Square and the Gallery. As a part of the tour, we were also shown 2 films; one about 2 Chinese minority gourps and the other on civic education about the raising of the national flag, the basic law, personal growth and family.

Students are watching a film show which is about a minority group of Chinese.

2E Community Service

Students from 2E and the kids from Po Leung Kuk Kindergarten enjoyed the session on 6th July, 2015. Students designed different games and English activities for the kids and students implemented their planning on the service day. Students of 2E learnt about program planning and the ways to interact with kids while the kids enjoyed participating in different games and activities.

Students and kids are getting acquainted with each other.

2D Community Service

Students from 2D and the kids from Po Leung Kuk Kindergarten enjoyed the session on 2nd July, 2015. Students accompanied the kids to have some art activities. Students of 2D learnt how to interact with kids and had a better understanding on kids' developmental needs. The kids enjoyed the moments with our students.

Students are assisting kids to finish their art work.

Mei Foo Youth Football Friendly tournament 2015

On 28th June, our Grade C football team played in the Mei Foo Youth Football Friendly Tournament. Our young footballers played 3 matches against teams from other schools and The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association in Mei Foo District. Despite having to play in the searing heat and against players in senior forms who are physically much stronger, our students fought until the last minute of the games. The team has enjoyed a day with much fun and is confident in coming back and challenging other local teams again next year.

The team is taking a happy photo with their rewards, a trophy and medals, after a full day of hard work.

2014/15 Statistical Project Competition for Secondary School Students (Junior Section)

The Statisical Project Competition for Secondary School Students has been an annual event of the Hong Kong Statistical Society since 1986/87. This year, a team from our school joined the competition and won the Third Prize in the Junior Section. The team members collected statistical data about environmental protection in Hong Kong and analysed with reference to the official measures in alleviating the air pollution problem and designed a poster for the competition. The project title is "Government policy can effectively improve our Air Quality"

Students were reading the previous winning reports of the competition.

Assembly talk (One country two systems and The basic law)

An assembly period for S1 and S2 students was held in the school hall on the topics of 'one country two systems' and the basic law. The talk proved to be very useful as students learnt about the background and history of the issues concerned and their implications for Hong Kong and its citizens today.

Students asked question about "Basic Law".

Take Action for the Poor

A donation activity for the poor was carried out in the weeks of 13 - 19 May after the promotion in the morning assembly dated 12th May.

Look at all the old clothes, toys, stationery that are being donated by students and teachers.

Life-wide Learning Day – English Day Camp (2C, D, E)

Students from classes 2C, 2D and 2E joined the half-day English Camp in Tung Tsz Scout Centre on the school Life-wide Learning Day on 22nd May, 2015. We aimed at providing a relaxing and enjoyable English learning atmosphere for students to use and enhance their English skills with the NETs. The interactive activities improved not only their English skills but also their interpersonal skills.

A student is wondering who should be the next one to answer the question.